Roadmax Toys by Bruder

Roadmax Toys by Bruder

ROADMAX by Bruder are a range of durable toys designed for little ones.

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Lorry Mounted Digger
Lorry Mounted Digger
Bruder Roadmax 20005 Truck & Power Shovel
Was £28.95 Now £22.95
Roadmax Skid Steer LoaderRoadmax Skid Steer Loader
Roadmax Skid Steer Loader
Bruder Roadmax 20060 Skid Steer Loader Toy Vehicle
Was £17.95 Now £15.95

Roadmax Tipping LorryRoadmax Tipping Lorry
Roadmax Tipping Lorry
Bruder Roadmax 20000 Tip Up Truck Lorry
Was £25.50 Now £22.95
Roadmax Transporter Lorry with LoaderRoadmax Transporter Lorry with Loader
Roadmax Transporter Lorry with Loader
Bruder Roadmax 20070 Transporter with Skid Steer Loader Toy
Was £43.95 Now £39.56

Roadmax Wheel LoaderRoadmax Wheel Loader
Roadmax Wheel Loader
Bruder Roadmax Articulated Wheel Loader 20106
Was £29.50 Now £26.55
Tractor with Frontloader & TrailerTractor with Frontloader & Trailer
Tractor with Frontloader & Trailer
Bruder 20116 Roadmax Tractor Frontloader Rear Tipping Trailer
Was £36.50 Now £32.85