Mercedes Benz Sprinter Fire Engine

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Mercedes Benz Sprinter Fire Engine Bruder 02532
Mercedes Benz Sprinter Fire Engine Bruder 02532MB Sprinter Fire Engine 02532 Bruder02532 Bruder Fire Engine

Product Description

A gusty wind and low humidity are perfect conditions for grass fires on the farm...

This fire engine has a slewing ladder, a water pump and battery operated lights and sounds. The doors can be opened, the water tank filled and the pump works.

There is an automatic switch-off function after approx. 20 seconds. The siren sound can be switched from the American version to the European version with the switch in the battery compartment and there are four different functions; horn, engine noise, flashing light and siren sound, each triggered by pressing the pushbutton

- Made from strong plastic
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor play
- Approx size
45 x 17.2 x 21.8 cm

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Item: 11715

Age Range: 4+

Scale: 1:16

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