Papo Red & White Horse Box

Papo 51434 Red & White Horse Box Trailer

Product Description

This lovely horse box matches up with our 4x4 Off-road car.

The back ramp opens to let the horses in, and the side door opens for the riders to climb in and check their horses.

Ideal with our Horses & Riders set or Individual Horses & Riders, Wooden Stables, Wooden Dressage Ring or Wooden Riding School.

Also available with 4x4 Off-road car.

Approx size: 24(L) x 15(H) x 14(W) cm

Opening at back of horse box is approx 12cm high x 8cm wide.

Item: 869

Age Range: 3+

Scale: Approx 1:24 (but can vary)

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