Papo Zorse Horse

Papo Zorse Zebra Mare Horse Cross 50138

Product Description

A Zorse from the Papo Horses, Foals and Ponies collection. So,what exactly is a Zorse?! Is it a horse or a zebra? It's actually a cross between a zebra and a mare, which is where it gets its name 'Zorse' (zebra + horse). A number of enthusiastic breeders continue to breed this unusual animal. In addition to its stripes, the Zorse has also inherited the speed of its father.

Papo make beautiful and amazingly accurate models of all sorts of toy figures. All Papo model figures are hand painted to promote wonderful role play for children and are also great collectors items for animal enthusiast.

- Made from solid plastic and hand-painted
- Scale approx 1:24 (a guide only)
- Approx size 14 x 9 x 3 cm

Item: 12881

Age Range: 3+

Scale: Approx 1:24 (but can vary)

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