Roadmax Toys by Bruder

Roadmax Toys by Bruder

ROADMAX by Bruder are a range of durable toys designed for little ones.

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Lorry Mounted Digger
Lorry Mounted Digger
Bruder Roadmax 20005 Truck & Power Shovel
Was £28.95 Now £22.95
Roadmax Power Shovel Digger
Roadmax Power Shovel Digger
Bruder Roadmax 20050 Power Shovel Digger
Was £23.50 Now £19.95

Roadmax Skid Steer LoaderRoadmax Skid Steer Loader
Roadmax Skid Steer Loader
Bruder Roadmax 20060 Skid Steer Loader Toy Vehicle
Was £17.95 Now £15.95
Roadmax Tipping LorryRoadmax Tipping Lorry
Roadmax Tipping Lorry
Bruder Roadmax 20000 Tip Up Truck Lorry

Roadmax Tipping TrailerRoadmax Tipping Trailer
Roadmax Tipping Trailer
Bruder Roadmax 20110 Tipping Trailer
Roadmax Tractor with Frontloader
Roadmax Tractor with Frontloader
Bruder Roadmax 20102 Toddlers Toy Tractor with Frontloader

Roadmax Transporter Lorry with LoaderRoadmax Transporter Lorry with Loader
Roadmax Transporter Lorry with Loader
Bruder Roadmax 20070 Transporter with Skid Steer Loader Toy
Roadmax Wheel LoaderRoadmax Wheel Loader
Roadmax Wheel Loader
Bruder Roadmax Articulated Wheel Loader 20106

Tractor with Frontloader & TrailerTractor with Frontloader & Trailer
Tractor with Frontloader & Trailer
Bruder 20116 Roadmax Tractor Frontloader Rear Tipping Trailer