Schleich Chicken Coop

Schleich Chicken Coop
Schleich Chicken CoopSchleich Chicken CoopSchleich Chicken Coop

Product Description

Somehow, a chicken always manages to get out of the coop.

Whenever kids come to visit the farm, they are allowed to go to the hens’ coop to feed the hens. Sometimes they also have to clean out and put in new hay. When all the chickens eat, it is a good opportunity to get the fresh eggs from the nests. Those are then for breakfast.

Box contains:

1 x Chicken Coop
1 x Cockerel
1 x Hen
1 x Chick
1 x Female Farmer


Item: 14045

Age Range: 3+

Scale: Approx 1:24 (but can vary)

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