Great Farm Days Out With The Kids 6th and 7th June

Are you wondering what to do with your children this weekend? We have come across some great ideas to get out into the country:

Firstly, for those of you who live in the south, Tractor Ted is having a Farm Show at Longleat in Wiltshire on both Saturday and Sunday (6th & 7th June). Not only can you meet Tractor Ted (isn't it every young boys dream?) but there are also farm animals, big machinery displays, falconry, duck herding, sheep shearing, stalls to visit...... and of course all the normal things to do at Longleat, like the safari park, train, boat ride and adventure playground, amongst other things!

The best thing is, we have some discount vouchers on offer. If you just want to go to the Tractor Ted event and visit the grounds it is only £2 per adult and £1 per child with our discount vouchers. We also have a £4 discount voucher off a Longleat passport, which entitles you to visit the safari park and all the other attractions.. but you don't have to visit it all in one day. The passport is valid for the season, each attraction is only valid once but you go back any time before the end of the season to visit the attractions previously missed. (See the voucher or Longleat website for all the details).

Just download the vouchers below and take them with you on the day.

For those of you living further afield it is Open Farm Sunday, this weekend too. All sorts of farms around the country are open to the public, some are open that don't normally open to the public, others are putting on special events. Some of the events are free. Click here to find a farm near you.


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