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Showing 1 - 24 of 318 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 318 products
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Schleich 42105 Horse Feeding Set
Schleich Schleich Horse Feed Set
Sale price£12.50 Regular price£13.95
Kids Globe Round Straw BalesKids Globe Set of 4 Round Straw Bales
Kids Globe Set of 4 rectangular straw balesKids Globe Set of 4 rectangular straw bales
Britains 40956 Model Toy Horses & Riders Family
Schleich Paddock with Entry Gate 42434Schleich Paddock with Entry Gate 42434
Save £1.00
Kids Globe Land Rover Defender with Horse Trailer
Kids Globe Land Rover Defender with Horse Trailer
Sale price£11.95 Regular price£12.95
Schleich Corral Fence 42487Schleich Corral Fence 42487
Schleich Corral Fence
Sale price£9.95
Frisian Stallion with Saddle and Tack
Schleich 13772 Donkey
Schleich Schleich Donkey
Sale price£5.50
Save £0.50
Schleich Horse Club Lisa & Storm Blanket & Halter 42461
Schleich Horse Club Lisa & Storm Blanket & Halter
Sale price£4.00 Regular price£4.50
Horse Club Hannah & Cayenne Saddle & Bridle Schleich 42489
Schleich Horses Tinker Mare Model 13773
Schleich Schleich Tinker Mare
Sale price£6.95
Blanket & Halter Horse Club Sofia & Blossom
Horse Club Lisa & Storm Saddle & Bridle (Schleich) [42491]
Horse Club Sarah & Mystery Saddle & Bridle (Schleich) [42492]
Siku 2463 Bale Assortment (Set of 12)
Kids Globe Mitsubishi L200 with Horse TrailerKids Globe Mitsubishi L200 with Horse Trailer
Schleich Horse Club Sofia & Blossom Saddle & Bridle 42490
Schleich Horses Tinker Foal Model 13774
Schleich Schleich Tinker Foal
Sale price£3.95
Horse Club Sofia's Fashion Creation
Schleich Foal Care 42367
Schleich Foal Care
Sale price£4.50
Horse Club Mia & Spotty Schleich 42518Schleich Horse Club Mia & Spotty
Horse Club Hannah & Cayenne Blanket & Halter Schleich 42459
Schleich Horse Club Playmat 42465Horse Club Playmat
Schleich Horse Club Playmat
Sale price£32.95

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Horses & Stables

Horse Toys for Kids

Farm Toys Online has a superb range of play horses and accessories that your horse-obsessed child will adore.

From toy horses with realistic manes and tails to horse stables and tack, your kid will love the many pieces in our collection.

Toy Horses from Breyer, Schleich, Papo & More

We stock some of the top horse toy brands, including Breyer, Schleich and Papo, providing many play possibilities. 

Add the various horse breeds and models to your child's collection, and let the play begin. They'll love creating their own games and stories with the help of these pieces.

And be sure to check out some of the accessories that go with these horses! Our range includes stables, fences, hay bales, horse riders, and so much more!

Shop our range of top-quality horse toys and accessories – the perfect way to keep your horse-loving child entertained.


What Toy Horse Brands Do You Stock?

We stock some of the best toy horse brands, such as Breyer, Schleich, Papo and Mojo. These toy horses are designed with realistic-looking details and hand-painted finishes.

What Play Horses Should I Get for My Child?

Our Play Horses Buying Guide provides helpful tips on selecting the perfect toy horse for your child. It covers everything from choosing the toy brand to the accessories your child may need.

Can I Mix & Match Horse Models and Sets?

There's no reason why you can't mix and match different models and sets to create your own unique horse world. That being said, it is a good idea to stick within the same scale (size) for a more balanced look and so that everything fits when buying accessories. For instance, a saddle and bridle in 1:24 scale from Schleich or Papo will not fit a much larger Breyer Traditional horse in a 1:9 scale.

Are the Horse Toys Suitable for All Ages?

Our range of horse toys for kids is suitable for the age of 3 and up. This is due to small parts that may present a choking hazard for younger children. Some collections, like the Breyer Traditional, are speically designed for ages 8 and older due to their intricate details.