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Showing 1 - 24 of 157 products
Bruder Toys Front Loader AccessoriesBruder Front Loader Accessories
Bruder Bworld Brown Pasture Fence 62602
Bruder Brown Pasture Fencing
Sale price£14.95
Bruder BWorld Man 60007
Bruder 4 Block Hay or Straw Bales 02310
Bruder 4 Block Hay Bales
Sale price£6.50
Bruder BWorld Man with Blue Jeans 60006
Bruder Man with Blue Jeans
Sale price£10.95
Bale Trailer & 8 Round Bales
Bruder CAT Telehandler 02141Bruder CAT Telehandler 02141
Bruder CAT Telehandler
Sale price£30.95
Bruder 02511 Linde Fork Lift & 2 PalletsBruder 02511 Linde Fork Lift & 2 Pallets
Ausa Mini Dumper Bruder 02449Ausa Mini Dumper Bruder 02449
Bruder Ausa Dumper Truck
Sale price£19.95
Bruder Toys Claas Rollant Round Straw BalerBruder 02121 Claas Rollant 250 Straw Baler
Bruder Krone Hay Rake 02216Bruder Krone Hay Rake 02216
Bruder Krone Hay Rake
Sale price£21.95
Bruder Bale Gripper with Round Bale 02332Bruder Bale Gripper with Round Bale 02332
Bruder Toys John Deere Big Bale Press 02017Bruder Toys John Deere Big Bale Press 02017
Bruder Toys 02019 Flatbed Tipping TrailerBruder Toys 02019 Flatbed Tipping Trailer
Bruder Flatbed Tipping Trailer
Sale price£16.95
Bruder John Deere Gator XUV 855D with DriverJohn Deere Gator XUV 855D with Driver
Bruder Toys Cat Skid Steer LoaderBruder Toys Cat Skid Steer Loader
Bruder Cat Skid Steer Loader
Sale price£19.95
Bruder BWorld 60030 Forestry Worker with Accessories
Bruder Toys John Deere Gator XUV 855DBruder Toys John Deere Gator XUV 855D
Bruder Farmer Figure and Accessories Set 62610Bruder Farmer Figure and Accessories Set 62610
Bruder Toy  Brown Bull with Horns 02309Bruder Toy  Brown Bull with Horns 02309
Bruder Brown Bull
Sale price£9.95
Bruder Toys Lemken Vario PloughBruder Toys Lemken Vario Plough
Bruder Lemken Vario Plough
Sale price£14.95
Bruder Claas Lexion 480 Combine HarvesterBruder Claas Lexion 480 Combine Harvester
Bruder Toys  Frontloader Attachment  03300 for Tractor Series 03000
Bruder Toys Yellow Joskin Tipping TrailerBruder Toys Yellow Joskin Tipping Trailer

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Introduce Your Child to the World of Bruder Toys

As one of the top brands in the farm toy world, Bruder is renowned for its quality, capable of withstanding much more energetic play than most toys. Made from the same robust plastic used in the car industry, these toys will endure plenty of active play!

With Bruder figures in hand, your little one can create their own farm world of fun, including farmers, animals and all the accessories they need to get the job done. From John Deere, New Holland, and JCB farm vehicles to farmyard animals and buildings, your child’s imagination will be alive with possibilities.

New Farm Toy Models With the Same Classic Quality

Our collection of Bruder farm toys includes all the latest and greatest from this manufacturer, so you can make sure your child’s collection is up-to-date and something to truly be proud of when their friends come over.

Bruder models are built to last using high-grade plastic, as they always have been, giving you and your child the peace of mind that their toys can survive rough-and-tumble playtime. Plus, they look and feel incredibly realistic!

Our Favourite Bruder Farm Toys for All Ages

If you’re looking for a toy for a child aged 2+, our Wheeled Loader and Excavator make great choices. The large moving parts and realistic detailing will capture your child’s imagination and keep them playing for hours.

For a slightly older child, between 3 to 5 years, the John Deere 7R350 Tractor with Frontloader & Tipping Trailer is a real winner. With its big tyres and a range of features, including a steerable front axle, this is sure to become their new favourite toy.

Introduce your little one to the world of Bruder with our fantastic collection of Bruder figures, vehicles, buildings and more!


What Age Are Bruder Toys Suitable For?

Bruder toys are perfect for children from age 2+. You can filter our Bruder range by age to make shopping easier. You can choose from toys for 2-3 year olds, 3-5 year olds, and 5-7 year olds. You can also find specific details on our individual product pages.

Are Bruder Toys Collectible?

Yes! Bruder toys have long been collected both by children and older toy collectors. The detail that goes into making these toys means they’re incredibly sought-after and will last for many years.

Can Bruder Toys Be Used Outdoors?

Our smaller Bruder toys, such as the farmer figurines, small-scale vehicles, and farm accessories, shouldn’t be used outdoors for the risk of losing them. The Bruder vehicles and slightly larger toys are more suited to outdoor use, but always be sure to check the product details for exact use.

Are Bruder Toys Well Made?

Yes, Bruder toys are well-known for their long-lasting quality. They’re typically made using high-grade plastic that can withstand years of play.