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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 products
Potion Making Kit The Original Den CompanyThe Den Kit Company Potion Making Kit.
Den Kit Co Potion Making Kit
Sale price£24.50
the original den kitThe Original Den Kit
Den Kit Co The Den Kit
Sale price£44.95
Waboba Tailwind
Waboba Wingman FrisbeeWaboba Wingman
The Forest Den KitThe Forest Den Kit
Den Kit Co The Forest Den Kit
Sale price£64.95
The Pirate Den KitThe Pirate Den Kit
Den Kit Co The Pirate Den Kit
Sale price£44.95
The Cottage Garden Den KitThe Cottage Garden Den Kit
Den Kit Knot Skills KitDen Kit Knot Skills Kit
Den Kit Co Knot Skills Kit
Sale price£7.50
The Den Kit Company Fire On A Plate KitThe Den Kit Company Fire On A Plate Kit
Den Kit Co Fire On A Plate Kit
Sale price£24.50
Waboba Wingman Pro FrisbeeWaboba Wingman Pro Frisbee
Aerobie Pro BladeAerobie Pro Blade
The Den Kit Company Survival Bracelet KitSurvival Bracelet Kit
Mini Bird Pizza KitMini Bird Pizza Kit
The Original Company Bug Spotter KitThe Den Co Bug Spotter Kit
Den Kit Co Bug Spotter Kit
Sale price£9.50
Natural Fabric Art KitNatural Fabric Art Kit
Ed Stafford Shelter KitEd Stafford Shelter Kit
Waboba WoofpackWaboba Woofpack
Nerf Sports Vortex Howler Blue/GreyNerf Sports Vortex Howler Blue/Grey
Aerobie 13" Pro Flying RingAerobie 13" Pro Flying Ring

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Fun & Educational Outdoor Garden Toys

Whether it’s keeping the little ones entertained during the summer holidays or making the most of the sunshine at the weekends, we have a great selection of toys for outside play.

We’ve picked toys that encourage children to get stuck into the great outdoors, promoting learning while providing lots of entertainment. Many of these toys can also be used in groups, making them perfect for playdates, parties, or family fun.

Unusual Outdoor Toys for Curious Kids

Get your little ones outside and active with the colourful Waboba Wingman Frisbee. This classic toy has been given a new lease of life with cool design prints, and the aerodynamic design allows it to travel up to 40m!

For budding entomologists, the Bug Spotter Kit from Den Kit Co. can provide hours of outdoor fun.

Complete with a magnifying glass bug pot and illustrated bug-spotter cards, your little adventurer can identify and learn about the range of insects and minibeasts they find in your garden or on the farm.

If your little ones are true adventurers, we also stock a range of den-making kits from Den Kit Co., including the Forest Den Kit, Pirate Den Kit, and the Ed Stafford Shelter Kit. All these kits come with everything they need to create a fun and functional den in the back garden or woods.

Shop our range of summer garden toys today and keep your children entertained all through the holidays!


What are the Best Outdoor Toys for Summer?

We think toys that encourage both learning and stimulate creativity are the best for summer playtime. Our den building kits are excellent examples of this, allowing children to get their brains working while also having a blast in the great outdoors.

Are Your Den Kits Suitable for Children of All Ages?

Our den kits are suitable for children aged 6+ due to the components of the kits and the skills required to successfully build dens using the contents of the kit. With that said, once your older child has built the den, your younger children can enjoy the sheltered space with them.

Are Your Outdoor Toys Suitable for the Whole Family?

Absolutely! Whether you're playing frisbee as a family or teaching your little one how to tie knots or build a den, the whole family can get involved with these outdoor play sessions.