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Showing 1 - 24 of 72 products
Schleich Feeding the Farm Animals 42301Schleich Feeding the Farm Animals 42301
Drake (Scheich) [13824]
Schleich Schleich Drake
Sale price£3.50
Schleich Corral Fence 42487Schleich Corral Fence 42487
Schleich Corral Fence
Sale price£9.95
Schlecih Rabbit
Schleich Schleich Rabbit
Sale price£3.50
Schleich Kid GoatSchleich Kid Goat Toy Animal Figure
Schleich Schleich Kid Goat
Sale price£3.50
Holstein Calf (Schleich) [13798]
Simmental Cow
Schleich Simmental Cow
Sale price£7.50
Schleich Holstein Cow
Schleich Simmental Calf
Schleich Rooster
Schleich Schleich Cockerel
Sale price£3.50
Schleich Large Farm HouseSchleich Large Farm House
Farm Play Mat (Schleich) [42442]
Schleich Farm Play Mat
Sale price£27.95
Rabbit HutchRabbit Hutch (Schleich) [42420]
Schleich Rabbit Hutch
Sale price£18.50
Highland Bull figure from Schleich
Black Bull (Schleich) [13875]
Schleich Schleich Black Bull
Sale price£7.50
Puppy PenPuppy Pen
Schleich Puppy Pen
Sale price£13.95
Schleich Feed for Cow and Calf
Schleich Jack Russell Terrier 13916
Schleich Feed for Pigs & Piglets
Labrador Female (Schleich) [13834]
Schleich English Cocker Spaniel
Schleich Piglet 13934
Schleich Schleich Piglet
Sale price£3.50
Schleich Fox
Schleich Schleich Fox
Sale price£4.50
Schleich Farm World Turkey 13900Schleich Farm World Turkey 13900
Schleich Schleich Turkey
Sale price£5.50

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The Best Selection of Schleich Farm World

At Farm Toys Online, we love the incredible quality of Schleich – and our collection of Schleich Farm World figures showcases the very best of this toy brand!

With a wide range of farm animals available, including cows, horses, pigs, chickens and more, your child will love creating their own adventures with these realistic and detailed figurines. They’re even popular with collectors and hobbyists for building dioramas and displays.

Each Schleich figure is made from durable, solid plastic and carefully hand-painted with impressive attention to detail, making them perfect for playtime or showing off on a shelf.

Animal Figures & Starter Playsets

You’ll find we have a great selection of individual animal figurines alongside little Schleich Farm World starter sets, so you can pick and choose which animals your child would like to add to their collection.

Classic farm animals like the Drake Duck, Holstein Calf, Sow Pig, and Farm Cat are firm favourites for their realistic designs and interactive playability.

Bigger playsets, like the Schleich Feeding the Farm Animals set, are fantastic for helping to bring your model farmyard to life with animal feed, a wheelbarrow, and accessories.

The Large FarmHouse with Animals & Accessories makes the ideal Farm World starter set for a budding little farmer. It comes complete with a farmhouse, farm animals, and farm workers!

Shop our wide selection of Schleich Farm World today!

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How Big is Schleich Farm World?

Schleich Farm World animals and playsets are all made to a 1:24 scale.

Are Schleich Playsets Compatible With Schleich Figures?

Absolutely, all Schleich playsets are designed to be fully compatible with Schleich figures. This compatibility ensures a seamless play experience, allowing your child to mix and match figures and sets to create their very own customised farm world.

However, we recommend purchasing consistent scale figures and playsets for better compatibility.

What Age Is Schleich Farm World Suitable For?

Schleich Farm World is suitable for children aged 3 and up. Some of these figures and sets contain small parts, so we wouldn’t recommend allowing smaller children to play with them.

But they aren’t just for children! Many adults also collect Schleich figures and use them to create displays.

Are Schleich Animals Hand Painted?

Yes, all Schleich figures are hand-painted with impressive attention to detail for a realistic finish. This means that the markings and finish of these toys may differ from piece to piece, but we think this makes them even more special.