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Showing 1 - 24 of 47 products
Breyer Stable Cleaning Set 2477Breyer Stable Cleaning Set 2477
Breyer Toy Stable Cleaning Set
Sale price£18.95
Save £2.00
Breyer Traditional Stable Feed Set 2486Breyer Traditional Stable Feed Set 2486
Breyer Stable Feed Set
Sale price£18.95 Regular price£20.95
Breyer Traditional 2474 Set of 3 Assorted Hot Coloured Nylon HaltersBreyer Traditional 2474 Set of 3 Assorted Hot Coloured Nylon Halters
Save £4.00
Breyer Traditional Catch Me 1806Breyer Traditional Catch Me 1806
Breyer Catch Me
Sale price£44.95 Regular price£48.95
Save £4.00
Breyer Traditional 1497 Gypsy Vanner Horse
Breyer Gypsy Vanner Horse
Sale price£49.95 Regular price£53.95
Breyer Traditional Wood Saddle Stand 281 Scale 1:9
Breyer Wood Saddle Stand
Sale price£8.50
Breyer Brush Jump Breyer Traditional Brush Box Jump 2043 Scale 1:9
Breyer Brush Box Jump
Sale price£23.95
Breyer Traditional Pink Blanket and Shipping BootsBreyer Traditional Pink Blanket and Shipping Boots
Save £3.00
Breyer Traditional Veterinarian with Kit 522 Scale 1:9Breyer Traditional Veterinarian with Kit 522 Scale 1:9
Breyer Veterinarian with Kit
Sale price£20.95 Regular price£23.95
Traditional Dually Pick Up & Horse TrailerTraditional Dually Truck with Two Horse Trailer
Save £1.45
Breyer Traditional Grooming Kit 2075Breyer Traditional Grooming Kit 2075
Breyer Grooming Kit
Sale price£11.50 Regular price£12.95
Save £3.00
Breyer Winx Traditional HorseBreyer Winx Traditional Horse
Breyer Winx
Sale price£46.95 Regular price£49.95
Breyer Makayla Schooling RiderBreyer Makayla Schooling Rider
Breyer Makayla Schooling Rider
Sale price£26.95
Breyer Traditional Thoroughbred & Hackney Horse Foals 9198Breyer Traditional Thoroughbred & Hackney Horse Foals 9198
Save £5.00
Breyer Tradition Adiah HP Horse
Breyer Adiah HP
Sale price£49.95 Regular price£54.95
Breyer Misty Stormy Book SetMisty & Stormy Model & Book Set (Breyer) [1157]
Breyer Misty & Stormy Book Set
Sale price£45.95
Breyer Traditional Secretariat Triple Crown Champion Horse 1345
Wooden Horse StableWooden Horse Stable
Breyer Wooden Horse Stable
Sale price£64.95
Harley Spotted Sugarbush Draft HorseHarley Spotted Sugarbush Draft Horse
Save £5.00
Breyer Traditional Theo-Ardennes 1843Breyer Traditional Theo-Ardennes 1843
Breyer Theo-Ardennes
Sale price£48.95 Regular price£53.95
Save £4.00
Breyer Traditional The Ideal Series Paint Horse 1839Breyer Traditional The Ideal Series Paint Horse 1839
Breyer The Ideal Series Paint Horse
Sale price£44.95 Regular price£48.95
Breyer Traditional 1797 LV Integrity
Breyer LV Integrity
Sale price£51.95
Breyer Traditional Austin the Cowboy 537Breyer Traditional Austin the Cowboy 537
Breyer Austin the Cowboy
Sale price£18.95
Breyer Traditional Cloud's Encore & Tor Gift Set 1840Breyer Traditional Cloud's Encore & Tor Gift Set 1840

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Breyer Traditional Horses & Accessories

Our collection of Breyer Traditional horses is ideal for children over the age of 8 and collectors alike. Featuring model horses, portrait horses, stables, vehicles, accessories, and more, your child can create their own realistic stable and show scenes.

The Traditional range features realistic 1:9 scale models with incredible levels of detailing and stunning hand-painted finishes perfect for play or display. Breyer’s quality is unmatched, and they’re a firm favourite here at Farm Toys Online!

Hand-Painted Breyer Model Horses

With over 70 years of experience in crafting collector toys, Breyer is known for its quality and attention to detail. From majestic Arabians to graceful Thoroughbreds, this range offers a wide variety of beautifully hand-painted options to choose from.

The epitome of the Breyer Traditional collection is the stunning Gypsy Vanner horse. This horse features colour, personality, and plenty of hair! The details of the sculpted plastic perfectly capture the playful movement of this breed. The intricate hand-painted markings, realistic shading, and sculpted muscles make this a highly coveted model horse.

If you're looking for something a little more whimsical, the Anthem limited edition model is the perfect addition to your child's stables. The vibrant, shiny red, white, and blue on this model will catch anyone's eye. The animated tail and natural white markings make this hand-painted model a must for your basket.

High-Quality Breyer Farm Accessories

In addition to the individual horse models, Breyer also offers playsets that include stables, vehicles, and accessories. These sets allow your child to create their own equestrian world.

Our Traditional Dually Truck with Two-Horse Trailer is the perfect addition to your child's Breyer collection. The truck features a working hood and doors, while the trailer has a rear ramp and side door. Your child can transport their horses to competitions or on adventures with this realistic set.

For even more fun, check out our Breyer Grooming Kit. This comprehensive horse care kit allows your child to take care of their Traditional Breyer horses just like a real owner. The kit includes a caddy, hoof pick, brush, spray bottle, and more to help bring their world of Breyer horses to life!

Shop our collection of Breyer Traditional Horses and accessories at Farm Toys Online today!

Take a look at our other Breyer collections to build your child’s collection.


How Big Are Breyer Traditional Horses?

The Breyer Traditional range of horses is made to a 1:9 scale. This means that most of the models measure around 12 inches high and 9 inches long. This is bigger than the Classics range, so Traditional horses aren't compatible with Classic accessories.

What's the Difference Between Breyer Traditional & Classic Collections?

The main differences between the Breyer Traditional and Classic collections are the size and level of detail. Traditional horses are larger and have more intricate details, making them better suited for display or collecting. Classic horses are smaller and simpler in design, making them ideal for playtime and younger collectors.

How Do I Identify Breyer Horses?

The easiest way to identify your Breyer horses is to look at the shape of the horse, the action or pose the model is in (trotting, standing, etc.) and the general build of the horse (stocky, lean, tall). This will help you identify the exact model you have. We also state the names of all our Traditional Breyer horses on our website.

What is the Most Famous Breyer Horse?

The most famous Breyer horses are usually the ones based on real-world racehorses. Secretariat is one of the most famous racehorses, so the Breyer model is popular too. The Sporour fra Bergi is another famous horse that Breyer has immortalised in their Traditional collection.