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Showing 1 - 24 of 73 products
Kids Globe Farming Wind Turbine - Electric Windmill 1897Kids Globe Farming Wind Turbine - Electric Windmill 1897
Britains Toys Faming Family 40954Britains Toys Faming Family 40954
Britains Toys Farm FencingBritains Toys Farm Fencing
Britains Farm Fencing
Sale price£4.95
Kids Globe 1961 Feeder Ring with Round Bale & Cow
Pack of 6 Wooden Fences Kids GlobeKids Globe Farming 0667 Pack of 6 Wooden Fences
Save £1.00
Kids Globe Arificial Grass
Kids Globe Artificial Grass
Sale price£14.95 Regular price£15.95
Britains Pig Pen SetBritains Pig Pen Set
Britains Pig Pen Set
Sale price£6.95
Save £1.45
Schleich 42105 Horse Feeding Set
Schleich Schleich Horse Feed Set
Sale price£12.50 Regular price£13.95
Kids Globe Round Straw BalesKids Globe Set of 4 Round Straw Bales
Kids Globe Set of 4 rectangular straw balesKids Globe Set of 4 rectangular straw bales
Kids Globe Calf HutchKids Globe Calf Hutch
Siku Calf Hut with 2 Calves
Sale price£7.50
Bruder Bworld Brown Pasture Fence 62602
Bruder Brown Pasture Fencing
Sale price£14.95
Britains New Holland TH7.42 TelehandlerBritains New Holland TH7.42 Telehandler
Bruder BWorld Man 60007
Save £1.50
Kids Globe Farming Silo FillingKids Globe Big Silo Bags with Filling
Kids Globe 2 Big Bags with Silo Filling
Sale price£5.00 Regular price£6.50
Britains Tractor DriversBritains Tractor Drivers (Britains) [43203]
Kids Globe Silo Cover and 50 TyresKids Globe Silo Cover and 50 Tyres
Bruder 4 Block Hay or Straw Bales 02310
Bruder 4 Block Hay Bales
Sale price£6.50
Bruder BWorld Man with Blue Jeans 60006
Bruder Man with Blue Jeans
Sale price£10.95
Kids Globe 4 Round Wrapped Silage BalesKids Globe 4 Round Wrapped Silage Bales
Kids Globe Silo FillingKids Globe Silo Filling
Kids Globe Mega SiloKids Globe Mega Silo
Kids Globe Mega Silo
Sale price£18.95
Siku 2463 Bale Assortment (Set of 12)
Siku LIvestock BarriersSiku LIvestock Barriers

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Little Farm Accessories to Complete Your Child's Toy Farm

Our selection of farm accessories is designed to enhance your child's imaginative play on their model farm, adding a touch of authenticity to their farming world!

From feeding and caring for the animals to tending to crops and machinery, our range of farm accessories has everything your child needs to create their own miniature farm. We’ve included toys from all your favourite brands, including Siku, Kids Globe, Bruder and Britains. No toy farm is complete without them!

Our Favourite Toy Farm Accessories – From Figurines to Feeders

No farm is complete without people to run it. That's where our range of farm workers comes in! These detailed figurines are perfect for adding a helping hand to your child's model farm.

One of our favourite sets is the Farm People & Sheepdog set from Britains. It includes a farmer, his wife, a sheepdog and a child. Your child can use these charming figures to create their own farm stories and scenes.

If your child has a bigger farm that requires more people to work on it, they’ll love the Britains Tractor Drivers set. This set includes 4 seated drivers to help operate the machinery on the farm and is compatible with toy tractors and farm machinery from the 1:32 scale Britains Farmyard collection.

A farm with animals is nothing without hay bales to feed them with. The Set of 4 Round Straw Bales and the Set of 4 Square Straw Bales from Kids Globe are ideal for making sure the farm animals are fed and the farm hand has something to do. Kids Globe is renowned for its highly detailed farm toys, and these bales are no exception.

To move the hay bales around the farm, our New Holland TH7.42 Telehandler is a fab addition to your kid’s set! This handy farm vehicle comes with various attachments to move different materials around the farm, including a front loader and a forklift attachment.

Explore our collection of farm accessories and models online at Farm Toys!


What Age Group Are These Toy Farm Accessories Suitable For?

Our toy farm accessories are generally suitable for children aged 3 and above. Some accessories may have small parts that might pose a choking hazard. We recommend checking the age recommendation in the product description before purchasing. However, adult supervision is always recommended during play to ensure safety.

Are the Farm Workers Compatible With All Farm Sets?

Our farm workers are designed to be compatible with a range of farm sets, particularly those in the 1:32 scale. However, it's always recommended to check the product description and try to stick to accessories in the same scale. Our team at Farm Toys Online is happy to answer any questions regarding scale and compatibility to ensure your child gets the best play experience.

Do You Sell Farm Vehicles in Your Farm Accessories Collection?

There are a couple of farm vehicles available in our farm accessories collection. However, these are very limited. Other toy tractors and trailers are available from our tractors and farm vehicles collection, where you can find manufacturers like Massey Ferguson, Volvo, and John Deere to create a fleet for your kid's farm.