About Farm Toys Online - Julia Lowe

Once upon a time, there were three children called Emily, Oliver and Harry.

They were all different, and each liked things their own way (especially when it came to dinner time).

But they all had one thing in common…

They all LOVED farm toys!

Emily was horsey mad.

Oliver loved playing farmer with his cows and sheep.

And Harry was crazy about tractors.

Their poor mum, Julia, would get in a bit of a tangle going from shop to shop and site to site, trying to hunt down their favourite farm toys.

But rather than getting cross that the perfect farm toys shop didn’t exist… she had a bright idea.

“I’ll do it myself!”

And so, in 2008, Farm Toys Online was founded

Today, we’re bigger and better than ever, but we still do what we do for the same great reasons:

To make it easy to find fantastically fun, top quality farm toys, all under one roof, and...

Because we love it!

After all… if it wasn’t good enough for Emily, Oliver and Harry, then it’s not good enough for yours, either.

If you or your children love farm toys as much as we do, why not join us on facebook or instagram? You can ask us a question, find out about all our offers and products or just pop in and say hello.