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Showing 1 - 24 of 43 products
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Breyer Classics Heather English RiderBreyer Classics Heather English Rider
Breyer Classics Heather English Rider
Sale price£24.95 Regular price£27.95
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Breyer Classic English Horse & Rider 61114Breyer Classic English Horse & Rider 61114
Breyer Classics English Horse and Rider
Sale price£34.95 Regular price£42.95
Breyer Country Stable with Wash StallBreyer Country Stable with Wash Stall
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Breyer Classics Stable Cleaning Set 61074 Scale 1:12Breyer Classics Stable Cleaning Set 61074 Scale 1:12
Breyer Stable Cleaning Set
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Black Beauty Horse & Book Set
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Breyer Classics Stable Feeding Set 61075 Scale 1:12
Breyer Stable Feeding Set
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Breyer National Velvet Horse And Book Set Breyer National Velvet Horse And Book Set
Breyer National Velvet Horse And Book Set
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Breyer Classices Western Horse and Rider SetBreyer Classics Western Horse and Rider Set
Breyer Classics Horse Corral FencingBreyer Classics Horse Corral Fencing
Breyer Horse Corral Fencing
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Breyer Classics Jet & English Rider Charlotte 61145Breyer Classics Jet & English Rider Charlotte 61145
Breyer Jet & English Rider Charlotte
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Spotted Wonders Breyer 62207Spotted Wonders Breyer 62207
Breyer Spotted Wonders
Sale price£38.95
Breyer Classics Nathalie the Cowgirl 62025Breyer Classics Nathalie the Cowgirl 62025
Breyer Nathalie the Cowgirl
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Breyer Classics Pearly Grey Trakehner 960
Breyer Pearly Grey Trakehner
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High Tides Breyer Stablemates 62212Breyer Classics High Tides 62212
Breyer High Tides
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Breyer Classics Coppery Chestnut Thoroughbred 957Breyer Classics Coppery Chestnut Thoroughbred
Breyer Coppery Chestnut Thoroughbred
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Breyer Classics Horse CruiserBreyer Classics Horse Cruiser
Breyer Horse Cruiser
Sale price£128.00
Breyer Classics Bright Bay Morgan 964Breyer Classics Bright Bay Morgan 964
Breyer Bright Bay Morgan
Sale price£24.95
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Breyer Classics Black Pinto Mustang 961Black Pinto Mustang Breyer Classics 961
Breyer Black Pinto Rearing Mustang
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Breyer Classics Aurora 62059Breyer Classics Aurora 62059
Breyer Unicorn Aurora
Sale price£24.95
Wooden Horse StableWooden Horse Stable
Breyer Wooden Horse Stable
Sale price£64.95
Breyer Classics Buckskin Blanket Appaloosa 959
Hope 2021 Breyer Horse of the YearBreyer Classics Hope 2021 Horse of the Year 62
Breyer Classics 90's Throwback 62221Breyer Classics 90's Throwback 62221
Breyer 90's Throwback
Sale price£32.95
Breyer Classics Charm & Western Rider Gabi 61146Breyer Classics Charm & Western Rider Gabi 61146

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Breyer Classic Horses & Playsets for Ages 4+

Our collection of Breyer Classic horses, playsets, & accessories is perfect for young horse lovers aged 4 and up!

With realistic details and high-quality craftsmanship, these hand-painted models allow your little one to immerse themselves in all things horse. They can build up their collection with different horse breeds and create imaginative scenarios with stable playsets – perfect for hours of fun!

Breyer Freedom Series Horses

The horses in our Breyer Classics collection are the perfect size for young horse lovers to play with and collect.

Each model is carefully sculpted and hand-painted with Breyer's iconic attention to detail, creating a realistic and lifelike appearance.

Our Freedom Series models include the stunning Black Beauty Horse & Book Set. The stunningly realistic horse model is based on Anna Sewell's timeless horse tale. The set also includes a beautifully illustrated paperback book, making it the perfect gift for any young reader and horse lover.

For little stable hands who prefer something more fantastical, the High Tides Stallion is the ideal addition to their collection. Drawing inspiration from the untamed nature of the sea, this majestic stallion boasts a mane and tail that mirror the contours of surging waves.

Breyer Classics Playsets & Accessories

In addition to individual horse models, our Breyer Classics collection also offers fun playsets and accessories to enhance the imaginative play experience.

To grow your little one's farm, the Country Stable with Wash Stall and Horse Corral Fencing allow them to create various scenarios. Let them take their Freedom Series ponies to shows and events with the modern Horse Cruiser. All these accessories are in a 1:12 scale to fit with the Classics Collection.

Explore our Breyer Classics Collection online at Farm Toys today!

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What Scale is Breyer Freedom Series?

The Breyer Freedom Series/Classics are made on a 1:12 scale. This means the horses are approximately 9" long and 6" high. These models are compatible with the Classic Collection accessories and playsets. Check out our scale guide to help you choose the perfect accessories.

Why Are Breyer Horses So Popular?

Breyer horses are popular with children and adults alike for their unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship. Each model is hand-painted and made with fine attention to detail, making them highly collectable.

Breyer also offers a wide range of breeds and colours, allowing horse enthusiasts to add their favourite horses to their collections.

Is the Breyer Classic Collection Compatible With the Traditional Collection?

The Breyer Classic and Traditional horses, accessories, and playsets aren't compatible with each other.

The 1:12 scale of the Classics and 1:9 scale of the Traditional Collection create a considerable difference in the size of the horses and accessories. We recommend using accessories and playsets from the same collection for a better play experience.

What's the Difference Between the Breyer Classics and Traditional Collections?

The key distinctions between the Breyer Traditional and Classic collections lie in their size and level of detail. Traditional horses are larger and boast more intricate details, making them ideal for display.

On the other hand, Classic horses are smaller and feature more fantastical design options, making them ideal for playtime and younger collectors.