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Showing 1 - 24 of 36 products
John Deere - opoly Board GameJohn Deere-Opoly Board Game
Save £1.55
Farm Skittles (BIGJIGS) [BJ955]
Bigjigs Farm Skittles
Sale price£10.95 Regular price£12.50
Wooden Farm Dominoes
Bigjigs Wooden Farm Dominoes
Sale price£9.95
John Deere Key RingJohn Deere Key Ring
Britains John Deere Key Ring
Sale price£4.95
Farm Magnets (Bigjigs) BJ274
Bigjigs Farm Magnets
Sale price£11.95
Wooden Farmhouse Sorter Toy BIGJIGS BB108Wooden Farmhouse Sorter Toy BIGJIGS BB108
Bigjigs Farmhouse Sorter
Sale price£24.95
John Deere Tractor & Sprayer Jigsaw 40pc   (Schmidt)   [55625]
John Deere Kids Match GameJohn Deere Kids Match Game
John Deere Kids 34pc Floor PuzzleJohn Deere Kids 34pc Floor Puzzle
Schmidt A Day At The Farm Puzzle with Schleich FiguresSchmidt A Day At The Farm Puzzle with Schleich Figures
Fendt Puzzle 100pcFendt Puzzle 100pc
Schmidt Fendt Puzzle 100pc
Sale price£7.99
Hay Harvest on the Farm Puzzle
Schmidt 56350 Digger Puzzle & Play (40pc) inc. SIKU model Jigsaw Puzzle, ColourfulSchmidt 56350 Digger Puzzle & Play (40pc) inc. SIKU model Jigsaw Puzzle, Colourful
Tomy John Deere Simpl Dimpl TractorTomy John Deere Simpl Dimpl Tractor
Bigjigs Farmyard Donkey Card GameBigjigs Farmyard Donkey Card Game
John Deere Playing Cards in a TinJohn Deere Playing Cards in a Tin
Fisher Price See N Say Farmer SaysFisher Price See N Say Farmer Says
Hey Clay Animals SetHey Clay Animals Set
Two Piece Puzzles Farm Bigjigs
Save £2.55
Bigjigs Farmyard Stacking CubesBigjigs Farmyard Stacking Cubes
Bigjigs Farmyard Stacking Cubes
Sale price£13.95 Regular price£16.50
Farmyard Wooden Floor Puzzle, 48 pieces
Bigjigs Wooden Chunky Lift & Match Farm Puzzle

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Farm-Themed Jigsaw Puzzles

Whether it’s a rainy day or a quiet afternoon, our farm-themed jigsaw puzzles and board games will keep your child entertained for hours.

They’re brilliant for stimulating problem-solving skills and logical thinking, and the reward of completing a puzzle or winning a game is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.

Our collection includes easy, small-numbered puzzles for young children, as well as more challenging ones for older kids. The Schmidt John Deere Tractor & Forage Harvester Puzzle is a great example, featuring 100 pieces that form an image of the iconic green and yellow John Deere vehicles.

Our selection of puzzles from Bigjigs Toys is excellent for younger children, featuring bigger, chunkier pieces that are perfect for small hands. The Farm Sound Puzzle is a popular choice, with each slot on the puzzle board making a sound when the right piece is inserted.

Farm Board Games & Crafts

As well as puzzles, our collection also includes a great variety of board games, card games, and arts and craft sets – all farm-themed, of course!

For children who love to be creative and use their hands, the Hey Clay Modelling Animals Set is fantastic. The kit even comes with a downloadable interactive 3D instruction set, making it easy for kids to follow along and create their own farm animals out of clay.

If you want to get your kids outside for fresh air, the BigJigs Farm Skittles will encourage them to practise their aim and coordination skills. And for a farm twist on everyone’s favourite controversial family game, the collector’s edition John Deere-opoly Board Game is a must-have.

So whether your child is a puzzle lover, a craft enthusiast, or just loves playing games, our collection of farm-themed activities has something for everyone.

Shop our collection today!


Do You Stock Puzzles for Younger Children?

Yes, our range of puzzles is suitable for children aged 12+ months to 6+ years, allowing your little one to combine their love of the farm with their love of puzzles through their early childhood.

Are Your Farm Games Suitable for Travel?

Yes, Many of our games can be packed and transported easily or used during travel, like our John Deere Playing Cards and our Two-Piece Farm Puzzles for younger children. Our John Deere Simpl Dimpl Tractor Keyring is another great way to keep them entertained on the move.

Are Your Farm Games Educational?

Yes, all our farm games and puzzles are designed to be educational or help support your child's development. From boosting concentration and dexterity with skittles to developing problem-solving skills with our wide variety of jigsaw puzzles, your child can learn while having fun with our selection.