The Best Combine Harvester Toys For Children

The Best Combine Harvester Toys for Children
Combine harvester toys are a great toy choice for children. Children will always have a fascination with toy combine harvesters because, let’s face it, no matter how old you get there’s nothing quite like the sight of a combine harvester eating its way through a field. Our combine harvester toys have lots of detail, features and moving parts to keep the interest going too.


Considerations when choosing a combine harvester toy

When selecting a combine harvester toy for your child, there are a few considerations to take into account to make sure that you get the right toy. Depending on the age of your child, certain combine harvester toys may be more suitable than others for that age range. Each toy will have a recommended minimum age for the safety of your child. And because our toy combines vary in size, it’s also worth checking to see if your child has any other toys in the same scale so that they can be played with together.

Best Toy Combine Harvesters in 2021

Here’s our definitive list of the best combine harvester toys, monster-sized to mini, from bestselling brands like Britains Farm Toys, Bruder Toys and Siku.

Bruder Claas Lexion 780 Terra Trac Combine Harvester

Bruder Claas Lexion 780 Terra Trac Combine Harvester

Big and bright, any child will love this 1:16 scale Bruder Claas combine. Features include a real working header, grain tank that empties through the grain spout, rolling wheels and tracks, rear steering and a realistic cabin with opening door. Get it here.

Bruder John Deere Combine Harvester T670i

Bruder John Deere Combine Harvester T670i

Just like the real thing, this monster-size 1:16 scale John Deere Combine Harvester T670i will provide hours of fun for little farmers harvesting their crops with its easy to steer technology and drainable grain tank. Get it here.

Bruder Claas Lexion 480 Combine Harvester

Bruder Claas Lexion 480 Combine Harvester

Sturdy and with excellent attention to detail, this 1:20 scale replica Claas Lexion 480 Combine Harvester from Bruder is slightly smaller than most Bruder toys. A great toy combine harvester with lots of moving parts to add to your collection. Get it here.


Britains Prestige John Deere S780 Tracked Combine

Britains Prestige John Deere S780 Tracked Combine Harvester Toy
The Britains Prestige Collection John Deere S780 Tracked Combine features a higher level of detail and is suitable for farm toy collectors & children from 14 years plus. Get it here

Siku Claas Lexion Combine Harvester with Tracks

Siku Claas Lexion Toy Combine Harvester with Tracks

This super cool Claas Lexion 770 Combine Harvester features rubber front tracks and a removable grain header with transport trailer. It's big, it's solid and weighs over one and a half kilos!! Get it here


Siku Mini John Deere Combine Harvester

Siku Mini John Deere Combine Harvester

This mini version of a John Deere combine flaunts exceptional detail inside and out, with lots of functioning parts. Well made from die-cast metal, it features a working header, rotating grain auger and hinged boom that can move out. Get it here.

Siku Mini Claas Lexion 760 Combine Harvester

Siku mini claas lexion 760 combine harvester toy

A fantastic pocket-sized Claas Lexion 760! It has a metal body and a movable winch with an adjustable loading pipe. The smooth-running, rubber track and original detail tyres complete the picture. Get it here.

And, after a hard day of harvesting we have the perfect DVD for your little farmer. 

Tractor Ted All About Harvesters DVD

Full of exciting real life farm footage, Tractor Ted shows us lots of huge harvesters and we get to see the amazing work that they do harvesting food for us and for the farm animals. Get it here

Is your favourite combine harvester toy on our list? Which combine harvester toys would you recommend? Get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram or by email.  

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