Where Are Britains Farm Toys Made? The History of One of Our Favourite Farm Toy Brands

Britains Farm Toys have long been a much-loved staple in the world of miniature farming, captivating the imaginations of children and collectors alike.

Known for their highly detailed scale models, these toys have a rich history that dates back over 100 years.

In this blog post, we delve into the origins and evolution of Britains Farm Toys, exploring where these iconic models are made and how the company has maintained its reputation for quality over the decades.

Join us as we uncover the fascinating journey of one of our favourite farm toy brands, and discover what makes Britains Farm Toys a cherished part of many childhoods around the country.

Where Are Britains Farm Toys Made?

Britains Farm Toys are currently manufactured in multiple locations around the world, reflecting the brand's evolution and growth.

Originally, these toys were made in England by William Britain, with the company's headquarters based in London. Over time, as the demand for Britains' models grew, production expanded internationally.

Today, Britains Farm Toys are primarily produced in factories in China, where advanced manufacturing techniques ensure consistency and precision in every model.

Despite the shift in production, the design and quality control processes remain closely tied to the brand's British heritage, ensuring that each toy upholds the standards that have made Britains a household name for generations.

When Did Britains Start Making Farm Models?

The company was established in 1893. Initially known for their toy soldiers, in 1921 the company expanded their product line to include farm toys, which quickly became popular for their detailed and realistic designs.

The first toy tractor produced by Britains was a Fordson Major tractor, released in 1948, three years after the real tractor.

What Kind of Toys Do Britains Make?

Britains is best known for making farm vehicles, which are highly detailed replicas of real-life machinery, such as tractors, implements, and trailers. These models are popular among both children and collectors.

Britains uses various materials to ensure the durability and authenticity of their toys. Traditional diecast metal is a staple for many of their vehicles and machinery, providing a sturdy and realistic feel.

In addition to vehicles, the Britains range features a variety of plastic figures and animals, most of which are now included as part of sets.

Our Favourite Britains Farm Toys Collections

With so many to choose from, this is tough, but here is a roundup of our top 4 favourite Britains toys and playsets.

Each one showcases the brand's commitment to quality and attention to detail, ensuring endless hours of imaginative play.

#1 Sheep Farmer Set

This charming set is sure to become a favourite in your household. It includes everything needed to recreate a bustling farm scene: a shepherd, a black and white sheepdog, a Land Rover Defender, a livestock trailer, and several sheep.

The Land Rover Defender is sure to impress any farming enthusiast, featuring a removable canopy, a spare wheel, and chunky treaded tyres that add a realistic touch.

#2 Farm Building Set

A must-have for any young farming enthusiast this dual purpose Farm Building Set from Britains includes all the animals and accessories you need to create a working farm.

With the addition of a few Britains diecast model vehicles and implements, the farm picture is complete!

#3 John Deere 6R.185 Tractor

No roundup of agricultural toys would be complete without featuring an iconic John Deere tractor!

With the John Deere 6R.185 toy tractor, Britains has captured every detail of the real thing – including big soft feel tread tyres, superb interior detail, working steering wheel and detailed body structure with removable cab.

#4 New Holland TH7.42 Telehandler

Once again, Britains has captured every detail. We particularly like the functioning parts, like the telehandler arm, which effortlessly raises, lowers, and extends with three interchangeable accessories.

Whether it's stacking toy hay bales or lifting pallets, this model is perfect for recreating a variety of farm tasks.

Which Britains Collections Can Be Used Together?

Britains designs toys to two scales – the larger 1:16 scale which is marketed under the Britains Big Farm range and has a very limited range and their main 1:32 scale range.

Generally within the 1:32 scale range, if the real-life counterparts are compatible, then the toys will be.

For example, the CLAAS front mower doesn’t fit the CLAAS Xerion, as it doesn’t have the front A-frame to attach the front mower because technically, CLAAS Xerion is too big to attach a front mower in real life – this tractor never used for mowing.

A top tip is to look at product descriptions to see if the toy model has hitches at the front or back.

It is also worth noting that the value toys from the EVERYDAY PLAY collection, aimed at younger collectors, such as the Britains John Deere Farm in a Box, are not compatible with items from the main 1:32 scale range.

Summary: Build a Britains Home Farm With Farm Toys Online!

Britains Farm Toys offer an exceptional combination of detailed craftsmanship, historical significance, and endless imaginative play.

With a diverse range of farm vehicles, figures, animals, and accessories available, there’s something to suit every young farming enthusiast and collector.

The full range is available from Farm Toys Online, making it simple to find everything you need in one place. Whether you're an avid collector of their highly detailed 1:32 scale replicas or after more playful interpretations from the Britains Big Farm range, we stock it all.

Explore the world of Britains Farm Toys and build your own miniature farm today with us!


What Scale Are Britains Farm Toys Made To?

Britains designs toys to two scales, the larger 1:16 scale which is marketed under the Britains Big Farm range and has a very limited range and their main 1:32 scale range.

What Are Britains Toys Made From?

Britains uses durable materials to ensure authenticity, with traditional diecast metal providing a sturdy, realistic feel for many vehicles and machinery. They also offer a variety of plastic figures and animals.

Do You Sell Complete Sets of Britains Toys?

Yes, we sell the complete range of Britains farm toys, including all of their playsets.

Are Britains Toys Considered Collectibles?

Yes, Britains toys are considered collectibles, especially the limited edition models they occasionally release. Their detailed craftsmanship and historical significance make them highly sought after by both children and avid collectors.

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