John Deere 7R350 Tractor with Frontloader & Forestry Trailer

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  • Item: 16925
  • Age Range: 4+
  • Scale: 1:16


Let's get to work! With the John Deere 7R 350 with Frontloader, you can enjoy doing all sorts of jobs around your home and farm! The bonnet opens and offers an exciting view of the tractor's engine. Opening doors, a realistically equipped cabin and a steerable front axle make this toy just like the real deal!

This set comes complete with four tree trunks and a functional logging trailer, which features a rotating and swivelling loading crane that can not only transport the tree trunks but also load and unload them.

- Made from strong plastic
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor play

- Bruder Toys John Deere 7R350 Tractor with Frontloader & Forestry Trailer 03154

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