Papo The Big Farm Barn with Animals

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"The Big Farm" Wooden Barn from Papo provides a life-like old-fashioned stone barn to house all your farm animals. The red roof opens to allow access to the upper floor roof space of the barn. It even has a working winch with a platform on a rope.

A variety of toy figures are included in this set, ranging from a bull, boar, calf, sheep, lamb, pinto foal, pinto mare, white hen, black & white cat, rabbit, piglet, collie dog, farmhand, to a cockerel. Each of these figures represents the charm of the farm life, bringing the essence of rural surroundings to playtime!

- Beautiful painted wooden barn
- Supplied flat-packed for simple assembly
- Approx size assembled 56 x 38 x 30 cm
- Approx 1:24 scale (guide only)


1x Big Barn Farm, 1x Bull, 1 x Boar, 1x Calf, 1x Sheep, 1x Lamb, 1x Pinto Foal, 1x Pinto Mare, 1x White Hen, 1x Cockerel, 1x Black & White Cat, 1 x Rabbit, 1x Piglet, 1x Collie Dog, 1x Farmhand 

The specific animals in your package may differ from those in the image. due to availability at the time of purchase. Papo products are approximately 1:24 scale although some items are larger to prevent children swallowing them.

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