Veterinarian practice with pets

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  • Age Range: 4+
  • Scale: 1:24


In the veterinary practice from the Schleich Farm World. the vet treats every animal that comes to her. The professional equipment in her practice means that all her little patients recover quickly and can go back home to the farm.

Designed to be as realistic and naturalistic as possible, the detailed and carefully moulded Schleich figures encourage creative and imaginative play. 

- Part of the Farm World by Schleich collection
- Made from plastic, figures hand-painted
- Schleich Veterinarian practice with pets 42502
- Box contains 1 x vet practice, 1 x vet, 1 x Haflinger foal, 1 x Dalmatian puppy, 1 x kitten, 2 x rabbit, 1 x mouse, 1 x dog basket, 1 x blanket, 1 x bowl, 1 x drinking bottle, 1 x feeding rack, 1 x bone, 1 x carrot, 1 x laptop, 1 x vet's case, 1 x medicine bottle, 1 x stethoscope, 1 x syringe, 2 x bandage, 4 x fence, 1 x sticker sheet

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