Best Bruder Toys for 5-Year Old Farm Kids

Best Bruder Farm Toys for Five Year Old

Whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas, to help you find the best Bruder farm toys, we consulted with actual 5-year-old budding farmers — including our very own brand ambassadors (and their parents), Farmer Freddie and Farmer Sam!

Five is a great age, full of change and rapid development. Suddenly your budding farmer is at school, making their own friends and developing keen interests. All of this can be delightful to see, but it can also make for tricky gift buying. Their wish lists grow more complicated... A simple set up with a few tractors isn’t enough, they want to be able to act out real life farming situations.

Here we have a selection of our budding farmers' most coveted farm toys at a range of price points, in a bid to provide options for Christmas and birthday presents.

John Deere 9620RX Tractor with Caterpillar Tracks

Bruder John Deere 9620RX Tractor with Caterpillar Tracks

Easily one of the most impressive toy tractors we sell, the Bruder John Deere 9620RX Tractor with Caterpillar Tracks is a seriously cool toy for any kid.  The cab features one opening door and the impressive bonnet can also be folded upwards to showcase the massive engine. Get it here

Lemken Vario Plough

Bruder Lemken Vario Plough

If you are looking for a robust, well-built plough attachment to give years of good service, then the Bruder Lemken Vario Plough is for you. A super attachment, which will look great behind the tractor.  Get it here

Krone Tedder Hay Rake

Bruder Krone Tedder Hay Rake

Ideal for your budding farmer’s pretend play, this is a real working Krone Trailed Rotary Tedder with separate running gear KWT 8.82. It’s robust enough to be taken outside, so that the entire garden can be turned into a playroom! Get it here

Claas Jaguar Field Chopper

Bruder Claas Jaguar Field Chopper

This big, strong machine will give young farmers hours of entertainment! The Bruder Claas Jaguar 900 Field Chopper is a detailed replica of the real thing.  With four spinning choppers in the front unit that fold down and rotate as the wheels spin. Get it here

John Deere 6920 Tractor with Tipping Trailer

Bruder john deere 6920 tractor with tipping trailer

John Deere toys are every kid's delight! This Bruder John Deere 6920 tractor comes with a red tipping trailer, which kids will love to fill, empty and tow around. Get it here

Big Utility Shed

Brushwood Big Utility Shed

Built to fit Bruder sized tractors and accessories, this large versatile Brushwood shed is perfect for storing Bruder tractors and implements when they are not in use around the farm! Made in the UK from wood. Get it here

Why Bruder?

Bruder Toys are big, built to last and look just like the real thing! Our Bruder collection is constantly refreshed and updated to offer farm enthusiasts the best range of farm toys. 

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