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Showing 1 - 24 of 122 products
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Kids Globe Arificial Grass
Kids Globe Artificial Grass
Sale price£14.95 Regular price£15.95
Save £1.45
Schleich 42105 Horse Feeding Set
Schleich Schleich Horse Feed Set
Sale price£12.50 Regular price£13.95
Save £1.00
Schleich Paddock with Entry Gate 42434Schleich Paddock with Entry Gate 42434
Schleich Paddock Fencing and Entry Gate
Sale price£8.95 Regular price£9.95
Save £1.00
Kids Globe Land Rover Defender with Horse TrailerLand Rover Defender with Horse Trailer
Kids Globe Land Rover Defender with Horse Trailer
Sale price£11.95 Regular price£12.95
Save £1.50
Kids Globe Farming Silo FillingKids Globe Big Silo Bags with Filling
Kids Globe 2 Big Bags with Silo Filling
Sale price£5.00 Regular price£6.50
Save £4.00
Britains Land Rover & Horse SetBritains 43239 Land Rover and Horse Box 2
Britains Land Rover & Horse Set
Sale price£29.95 Regular price£33.95
Save £0.50
Schleich Horse Club Lisa & Storm Blanket & HalterSchleich Horse Club Lisa & Storm Blanket & Halter
Schleich Horse Club Lisa & Storm Blanket & Halter
Sale price£4.00 Regular price£4.50
Save £2.00
Siku Toy Quad Bike with Farmer FigureSiku Quad Bike with Farm Figure
Siku Quad Bike with Farm Figure
Sale price£10.95 Regular price£12.95
Save £2.00
Britains Toys Fieldside Slurry TankerBritains Toys Fieldside Slurry Tanker
Britains Fieldside Slurry Tanker
Sale price£14.95 Regular price£16.95
Save £8.00
Breyer BY59197 / 591001 Red Stable Set Toy Horse StableBreyer BY59197 / 591001 Red Stable Set Toy Horse Stable
Breyer Stablemates Red Stable Set With Two Horses
Sale price£31.95 Regular price£39.95
Save £1.00
Set of 4 Horses 1:32 Scale Kids Globe 640085
Kids Globe Set of 4 Horses
Sale price£9.95 Regular price£10.95
Save £0.50
Breyer Mini Whinnies Surprise Series 3Mini Whinnies Surprise Series 3 (Breyer) [300193]
Breyer Mini Whinnies Surprise Series 3
Sale price£3.50 Regular price£4.00
Save £1.00
Kids Globe Anemone Horse Truck with Light & Sound
Kids Globe Anemone Horse Truck with Light & Sound
Sale price£16.95 Regular price£17.95
Save £2.00
Tractor Ted Box of SocksTractor Ted Box of Socks
Tractor Ted Tractor Ted Box of Socks
Sale price£10.95 Regular price£12.95
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Tonka Metal Movers Front LoaderTonka Metal Movers Dumper
Tonka Tonka Metal Movers
Sale priceFrom £6.00 Regular price£8.00
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tomy Learn & Pop Johnny Tractortomy Learn & Pop Johnny Tractor
Tomy Learn & Pop Johnny Tractor
Sale price£20.95 Regular price£22.95
Save £3.00
Breyer Classics Heather English RiderBreyer Classics Heather English Rider
Breyer Classics Heather English Rider
Sale price£24.95 Regular price£27.95
Save £7.00
Britains John Deere 6120M Toy TractorBritainsJohn Deere 6120M Toy Tractor 43248
Britains John Deere 6120M Tractor
Sale price£29.95 Regular price£36.95
Save £3.00
Britains Farm Building Set with Case TractorBritains Toys Farm Building Set with Case Tractor
Britains Farm Building Set with Case Tractor
Sale price£39.95 Regular price£42.95
Save £4.00
Breyer Mane Beauty Styling HeadBreyer Mane Beauty Styling Head
Breyer Breyer Mane Beauty Styling Head
Sale price£37.95 Regular price£41.95
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Kids Globe Wooden 9-Horse StableKids Globe Wooden 9-Horse Stable
Kids Globe Wooden 9-Horse Stable
Sale price£75.95 Regular price£80.95
Save £0.70
Tractor Ted 5 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Tractor Ted Tractor Ted 5 Farm Puzzles
Sale price£9.25 Regular price£9.95
Save £8.00
Breyer Classic English Horse & Rider 61114Breyer Classic English Horse & Rider 61114
Breyer Classics English Horse and Rider
Sale price£34.95 Regular price£42.95
Save £4.00
Tonka Mighty Dump TruckTonka Mighty Dump Truck
Tonka Tonka Steel Mighty Dump Truck
Sale price£37.95 Regular price£41.95

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Limited-Time Sale Farm Toys from Top Brands

Our selection of farm toys special offers features the top brands in the world of farm toys. From Britains to Siku, Bruder to Schleich, you'll find some of the best toys at unbeatable prices.

Our ever-changing sale collection features a variety of farm toys, including tractors and trailers from popular manufacturers like Britains, John Deere, and Massey Ferguson. We also have animals and playsets from Breyer and Kids Globe.

Keep an eye out for new additions to our sales section as we regularly update with the latest and greatest deals.

And remember – once these special offers are gone, they’re gone for good, so don't miss out!

Shop our range of sale farm toys to get a great deal on top brands for your budding farmer's collection!


Are Your Sale Farm Toys Limited Edition?

Our sale items aren't specifically limited edition, but they are limited in quantity because when our special offer stock is gone, it won't be restocked at the same price. They are 'while stocks last' special offers, so grab your favourites before they're gone!

That being said, you might spot some special edition toys in our sales section from time to time!

What Toys End Up in the Sales Section?

Our sales and special offers section often contains toys that we've decided not to restock or that are temporarily on offer for a special price.

How Big Are the Discounts on Your Sale Farm Toys?

The size of the discounts varies depending on the original price of the product. You can see the discount you're getting as you browse with the original price displayed alongside the sale price.

How Long Are Sale Farm Toys in the Clearance Section?

The toys in our clearance section are only available until they've sold out or the special offer ends. Therefore, it's best to grab your favourites while you can, as we can't guarantee how long they will be available.