Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers: Must-Have Toys for 2024

From exciting ride-ons to sandpit toys, we've rounded up the best outdoor toys for toddlers that encourage physical activity, spark imagination, and provide hours of fresh air fun.

Discover how these toys can transform your garden into a kid's paradise, encouraging both learning and play. Get ready to make memories with the best toys designed to make every moment special for your little one in 2024.

As always, we've aimed to feature a variety of toys, ranging from those suitable for the youngest tots to more advanced options, all offering excellent value for money (gifts start at £19.95 and go up to £150).

The list is divided into three sections: our junior expert's favourite sandpit toys, popular foot-to-floor ride-ons, and the best electric ride-ons.

Best Sandpit Toys Best Foot-to-Floor Ride-On Toys Best Electric Ride-On Toys
Tomy Big Scoop Dump Truck


JCB Ride On 360 Excavator


Bruder Excavator


Johnny Tractor Ride On with Lights & Sounds


New Holland Minitrac


Pink Mini Ride On Tractor


Peg Perego Mini Ducati Motorbike


John Deere 6v Mini Ride-on Tractor


Mini 6v White & Pink Electric Motorbike


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Our Junior Experts' Favourite Sandpit Toys

Here at Farm Toys Online, we are fortunate to have many children among us, providing us with numerous junior testers.

Here are some top choices for the ultimate sandpit fun.

Tomy Big Scoop Dump Truck

The Tomy Big Scoop Dump Truck is the perfect toy for any young John Deere fan.

This sturdy, colourful truck is built to withstand tough play conditions, loading and unloading various materials from sand to water and more.

Featuring a toddler-friendly dumping mechanism and chunky wheels, it guarantees hours of sandpit entertainment!

JCB Ride On 360 Excavator

If you have the space, the JCB Ride On 360 Excavator from Rolly is the ultimate toy for any outdoor sandpit – it's the sort of toy that has children yelling, “my turn!”.

It features 4 large wheels, a 360-degree turning circle, and a digger mechanism operated by two simple hand levers.

Bruder Excavator

Especially designed for younger kids, this sturdy Excavator from Bruder is both strong and durable.

With a 360° rotatable body and a height-adjustable power shovel, it's perfect for digging and moving sand. We have seen it used for many fun activities, from digging tunnels to burying treasure.

Popular Foot-to-Floor Toys for Kids Aged 18m+

Toddlers and preschoolers love ride-on toys that look like real vehicles and allow them to move around on their own!

Foot to floor ride-ons are ideal for younger children, promoting active play and supporting healthy physical development. They are perfect for entertaining kids in the garden or cruising around the park.

Here are our top choices for outdoor play.

Johnny Tractor Ride On with Lights & Sounds

Ideal for toddlers just starting to walk, the Johnny Tractor Ride On with Lights & Sounds is a fantastic toy for getting around.

Though not ideal on grass, this cheerful tractor is sure to provide heaps of fun.

It includes a screwdriver, which can be safely stowed away under the driver's seat, for tinkering with the engine, as well as farm tunes and sounds to keep things interesting.

New Holland Minitrac

The New Holland Minitrac foot-to-floor ride-on by Rolly has an opening bonnet, a sturdy steering wheel with a squeaky horn, and an ergonomic knee recess for added comfort.

There's also a hidden tray beneath the engine bonnet, perfect for transporting little knick-knacks around the garden.

Sure to be a hit for a few years, 12-month-olds can just touch the floor while older kids will be racing around on it.

Pink Mini Ride On Tractor

This adorable Carabella pedal tractor is ideal for pink-loving children!

Featuring a princess design and pretty butterfly decorations, it comes equipped with a sturdy steering wheel, a noisy horn, and knee indents for maximum comfort while scooting along.

Little ones also love the surprise of the bonnet lifting up to unveil the secret storage space.

The Best Electric Ride-On Toys for Toddlers

Beep beep! Move aside! I'm driving here! 

For thrilling fun, this round-up of stylish electric ride-on toys is guaranteed to bring your little tike hours of joy in the great outdoors.

These toys don't just offer a good time either; they play a crucial role in honing fine and gross motor skills by promoting balance and coordination.

What's more, they boost confidence and problem-solving abilities as toddlers take the wheel and learn to drive!

Peg Perego Mini Ducati Evo 6V Battery-Operated Motorbike

The Peg Perego Mini Ducati Evo 6V Battery-Operated Motorbike makes a perfect gift for children aged 12 months and over.

This incredible electric trike features a functioning front LED light, horn, realistic motor sounds, built-in songs, and an MP3 input.

Suitable for use on flat and hard surfaces, it can handle a maximum slope of 5%.

John Deere 6v Mini Ride-on Tractor

The John Deere 6v Mini Ride-on Tractor is perfect for little ones dreaming of being a farmer!

Packed with delightful features including working lights, a noisy horn, realistic engine sounds, and even three songs, this ride-on comes with an electronic dash with a push-start button.

The battery status indicator is great for preventing tantrums by letting you know exactly when it needs charging!

Mini 6v White & Pink Electric Motorbike

The Mini Fairy battery-operated trike is a well-built, stylish first vehicle for kids. It features a functional LED light, horn, realistic engine noises, and a music player with both built-in tunes and MP3 connectivity.

Suitable for children aged 12 months and up, it can be driven on smooth and firm surfaces with gradients of up to 5%.

Keep Your Outdoor Adventurer Entertained With Farm Toys Online

From sandpit wonders to stylish ride-on toys, our roundup of the best outside toys for toddlers in 2024 ensures endless fun while supporting your little one's growth.

Gear up for a season of outdoor play with our brilliant range of outdoor toys and accessories; all we need now is some sun!


Are Foot-to-Floor Toys Good for Active Toddlers?

Ride-on toys are ideal for getting toddlers aged 12 months and older moving, promoting active play, and enhancing gross motor skills.

Can Your Ride-On Toys Grow With My Child?

Unfortunately, the ride-ons designed for younger children aren't as adaptable as our larger ride-on toys; however, they should last from around age 1 to 3.

Do Your Electric Ride-Ons Need Batteries?

All our electric ride-ons come complete with batteries and chargers, so no need to purchase any additional parts.

Can Your Sandpit Toys be Left Outside?

Certainly, colours will fade over time, and it's advisable to clean toys regularly with warm soapy water.

In my experience, to keep toys in good condition for potential resale or donation — a garden storage bench or box can be a great addition for outdoor toy storage.

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