10 of the Best Travel Toys to Occupy Your Toddler on the Move!

Buckle up and get ready to make travelling with your little one a stress-free experience with our roundup of our top 10 travel toys.

Whether you're jetting off on a family holiday or embarking on a UK road trip, keeping your toddler entertained on the move is essential for a smooth journey.

In this blog, we've handpicked a selection of the best travel toys guaranteed to keep little ones entertained.

Say goodbye to restless hours and hello to hassle-free travels as we discuss the best toys to keep your toddler occupied on the move.

Why It's Good to Have Travel Toys for Your Trip

In today's world, it's easy to let our children spend extra time glued to a kid's tablet, especially during a long flight with the prospect of a cranky toddler.

However, it's essential to balance screen time with other activities.

Bringing along small screen-free travel toys and activities is a good idea for several reasons. Not only do they provide a break from screen stimulation, but they also encourage active engagement and enhance that sense of being on a family adventure.

So, while screens have their place, packing some screen-free fun ensures everyone stays happy and entertained on the journey!

Our 10 Favourite Toddler Travel Toys for Long Trips

Our carefully thought-out list includes some top travel toys like sticker books, lift-the-flap books, pocket-sized tractors, and card games.

Plus, some brilliant free printables from Freddie's Zones – all you need to do is make sure you have some pencils and pens.

#1 Farmyard Donkey Card Game

Suitable for ages: 3 years

During our family holidays, the Farmyard Donkey Card Game became an instant hit with my children when they were younger. Both the kids and us adults had a great time with this classic matching card game.

And the best part? It's small enough to toss in your handbag! Trust me, it's worth every penny for the endless giggles and good times it brings.

#2 Tractor Ted Farm Sticker Book

Suitable for ages: 2 years

Perfect for your next flight or car journey! This gem never fails to be a huge hit, even with youngest tot.

Sure, most of the stickers might end up anywhere, but who cares as long as they're entertained!

Any toddler who loves the farm, farm animals, tractors, and all things countryside will absolutely adore this sticker book. It's a guaranteed winner for keeping little ones engaged and happy on the go!

#3 Tractor Ted Diggers Magic Painting Book

Suitable for ages: 3 years

The Tractor Ted Diggers Magic Painting Book guarantees fun for long journeys – all that's needed is a little water.

It includes 4 pages of Digger fun; simply use the water pen to reveal the hidden colours. And the best part is it's reusable, so the fun continues on the way home, too!

#4 Mini Tractor and Trailer Gift Pack

Suitable for ages: 3 years

These pocket-sized versions of the real thing are excellent for playing with when on the go. Anything from airport floors to tray tables can become a field with a little imagination.

This brilliant set includes Fendt and Claas tractor, a Krampe trailer, a Krone big baler, and a hay loader wagon – and all the pieces are interchangeable.

Made from diecast metal with hard rubber tyres, these toys are durable and offer excellent value for money.

#5 Tractor Ted Big Machines Pairs Game

Suitable for ages: 3 years

This Tractor Ted Pairs Card Game offers plenty of ways to play while you travel, all while helping your little one improve visual recognition and memory. You can match pairs, play snap, test your memory, or find their favourite machine.

Its compact size makes it ideal for tossing in a backpack, and you can play it anywhere – perfect for long journeys.

#6 Ylvi Colouring Book With Pen Set

Suitable for ages: 4 years

What child doesn't get excited by a new colouring book and pens? This set comes with everything you need to while away a few hours: 30 colouring sheets, 7 colouring pens, and a magic pen to create even more colours.

Simply add it to your little travel backpack, and away you go!

#7 Tractor Ted Fun of the Farm Seasons Activity Book

Suitable for ages: 3 years

The perfect-sized, portable Activity Book is brilliant for keeping your little one quietly busy on the go, while also teaching them about all the seasons.

Spring features colouring Bunny Hops, Signs of Spring, and more.

There's matching and counting for Summer, while Autumn and Winter include dot-to-dots, leaf shadow matching, mazes, colouring, and more!

#8 Tray Puzzle Digger (24 Pieces)

Suitable for ages: 2 years

This is a brilliant, sturdy wooden puzzle that comes with a tray, perfect for travelling. It features big, colourful, chunky pieces that fit together easily, all the features needed to avoid frustration! 

(The only minor problem is the lack of a lid, so the pieces have to be stored separately in a bag or box.)

#9 Tractor Ted On The Farm Lift The Flap Book

Suitable for ages: 2 years

Young children will love keeping busy lifting the flaps as they turn the pages and follow Tractor Ted around the farm.

It's an easy-to-follow story full of a whole host of favourite farm machines and farm animals to enjoy. Ideal for helping little ones to wind down during a long journey.

#10 Freddie's Zone

Suitable for ages: 2 years

Last but not least, do head to Freddie's Zone, a brilliant boredom-busting resource we created during lockdown, where there are lots of free printables you can add to your travel armoury, like colouring sheets and activity pages.

Just don't forget to pack some pencils.

Our Essentials & Tips for Travelling With a Toddler

From a variety of travel toys to strategies for keeping your toddler entertained, we've got you covered.

Whether you're planning a road trip or braving a flight, these tips will help you navigate the challenges of travelling with a toddler and help you to create unforgettable memories along the way.

Travelling With Your Toddler By Plane

Below, we share five top tips to help make travelling with your toddler by plane a smoother and more enjoyable journey for everyone involved.

  1. Book Flights Strategically: This isn't always possible due to availability and cost, but it's worth trying to book a flight that will make your journey easier. For example, if you are flying long-haul, consider flying overnight, as it increases your chances of your toddler sleeping through most of the flight.

  2. Pack Essential Items in Your Carry-On: It's important to consider all the essential items you might need for your toddler, including items like nappies, wipes, and a change of clothes. Make sure they are easy to reach so that your journey is as comfortable as possible.

  3. Plan Snacks and Drinks: Pack plenty of your toddler's favourite snacks and drinks. Opt for mess-free options that are healthy but still feel like a treat, such as fruit slices, Soreen loaf, and a refillable water bottle to minimise spills.

  4. Bring Entertainment: Keep your toddler entertained during the flight with books, toys, sticker books, and busy books. We recommend bringing new toys or activity books that they will look forward to once they get on the plane. Have an electronic device loaded with their favourite films in case of delays.

  5. Prepare For Ear Pressure: Help your toddler manage ear pressure during take-off and landing by offering them a lollipop, bottle, or sippy cup to suck on. Encourage swallowing during these times to ease discomfort.

Above all else, take comfort in the knowledge that most of the people on the flight have been in a similar situation at one time or another and that it is only for a few hours.

Travelling With Your Toddler By Car

Below, we share five top tips to help make travelling with your toddler by car a smoother and more enjoyable experience for the whole family.

  1. Plan Regular Breaks: Toddlers have shorter attention spans and higher energy levels, so plan regular breaks to stretch their legs and let them burn off some energy. Aim to stop every 2-3 hours to give them plenty of time to run around and explore.

  2. Pack Lots of Snacks and Drinks: Hungry and thirsty toddlers can quickly become cranky, so pack a variety of snacks and drinks to keep them happy throughout the journey.

  3. Create a Comfortable Seating Arrangement: Ensure your toddler's car seat is properly installed and comfortable for the duration of the journey. Consider adding cushioning or support pillows to provide extra comfort should they fall asleep.

  4. Bring Entertainment: Keep your toddler entertained during the journey with a selection of clever travel toys, books, and your favourite car games, like choosing a colour and counting the number of cars. Plus, don't forget to bring along their favourite music or audiobooks to create a familiar and soothing atmosphere.

  5. Be Flexible and Patient: Remember that travelling with a toddler can be unpredictable, so be prepared to be flexible and patient. Embrace the journey and take breaks as needed to address any challenging moments that may arise along the way.

By following these tips, you can help make travelling with your toddler by car a fun and memorable experience for the whole family.

Travelling With Your Toddler By Train

A train journey with a toddler is very similar to a plane journey, with the exception of ear pressure or carry-on restrictions.

Therefore, similar tips for packing essential items like nappies and a change of clothes, bringing entertainment, and plenty of mess-free snacks and drinks apply to both modes of travel.

We would always recommend reserving your seats too.

Summary: Keeping Your Child Happy With Travel Toys

From classic card games to entertaining sticker books and free printables, we have the perfect travel toys to keep your little one happy while travelling.

Explore our selection of toys and say goodbye to restless hours, and hello to stress-free travels!


Should Travel Toys for Toddlers be Stimulating or Calming?

Opting for a mix of both types of toys ensures that toddlers remain occupied while also providing them with opportunities to unwind as needed throughout the trip.

Are Kids' Tablet Games Good When Travelling?

Kids' tablet games can be beneficial when travelling, offering entertainment and educational value. They can keep children engaged during long journeys, helping to pass the time and reduce boredom. However, we believe it's important to also incorporate a mix of off-screen activities for a well-rounded experience.

What Do Toddlers Need for Airplane Travel?

For aeroplane travel, toddlers need essential items such as nappies, wipes, snacks, and drinks to keep them nourished, hydrated and comfortable throughout the flight. Bringing along a change of clothes is also advisable in case of any spills or accidents. To keep them entertained and occupied during the flight, we recommend packing favourite toys, books and an electronic device loaded with a favourite film.

How Do I Prepare My Toddler for a Plane Ride?

To prepare your toddler for a plane ride, involve them in the process by discussing the trip in a positive and reassuring manner. You could even practise aeroplane etiquette, like staying seated and using headphones to introduce them to expected behaviour once onboard.

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