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Showing 1 - 24 of 48 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 48 products
Kids Globe Farming Wind Turbine - Electric Windmill 1897Kids Globe Farming Wind Turbine - Electric Windmill 1897
Set of 12 Black & White Cows
Kids Globe 1961 Feeder Ring with Round Bale & Cow
Pack of 6 Wooden Fences Kids GlobeKids Globe Farming 0667 Pack of 6 Wooden Fences
Save £1.00
Kids Globe Arificial Grass
Kids Globe Artificial Grass
Sale price£14.95 Regular price£15.95
Kids Globe Round Straw BalesKids Globe Set of 4 Round Straw Bales
Kids Globe Set of 4 rectangular straw balesKids Globe Set of 4 rectangular straw bales
Kids Globe Calf HutchKids Globe Calf Hutch
Siku Calf Hut with 2 Calves
Sale price£7.50
Save £1.00
Kids Globe Land Rover Defender with Horse Trailer
Kids Globe Land Rover Defender with Horse Trailer
Sale price£11.95 Regular price£12.95
Kids Globe Mini Black and White Cows
Save £1.50
Kids Globe Farming Silo FillingKids Globe Big Silo Bags with Filling
Kids Globe 2 Big Bags with Silo Filling
Sale price£5.00 Regular price£6.50
Kids Globe Silo Cover and 50 TyresKids Globe Silo Cover and 50 Tyres
Kids Globe 4 Round Wrapped Silage BalesKids Globe 4 Round Wrapped Silage Bales
Kids Globe Silo FillingKids Globe Silo Filling
Kids Globe Wooden Silage ClampKids Globe Wooden Silage Clamp
Kids Globe Wooden Silage Clamp
Sale price£18.95
Kids Globe Mega SiloKids Globe Mega Silo
Kids Globe Mega Silo
Sale price£18.95
Kids Globe Mitsubishi L200 with Horse TrailerKids Globe Mitsubishi L200 with Horse Trailer
Kids Globe Toy Land Rover Defender with Cattle Trailer
Kids Globe Wooden PalletsKids Globe Wooden Pallets
Kids Globe 6 Black & White Standing & Lying Calves
Kids Globe Land Rover & Horse Trailer with AccessoriesKids Globe Land Rover & Horse Trailer with Accessories
Kids Globe Farming 100g Bag of Silage 610760
Large Wooden Horse StableKids Globe Large Wooden Toy Stable
Save £1.00
Set of 4 Horses 1:32 Scale Kids Globe 640085
Kids Globe Set of 4 Horses
Sale price£9.95 Regular price£10.95

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Kids Globe Toys for Kids Aged 3+

Our collection of Kids Globe toys is perfect for kids aged 3 and up who love farming and farm animals. These toys are built to last with authentic detail that’ll provide hours and hours of fun for your child, as well as a lifetime of cherished memories.

From farm accessories and a range of farmyard animals to classic vehicles and buildings, our Kids Globe collection has everything your little one needs to create their own imaginary farm.

Must-Have Farmyard Animals and Accessories

We stock a variety of realistic farmyard animals and accessories that are perfect for imaginative play, from cows and horses to straw bales and silos.

Our set of black and white cows is ideal for helping your budding farmer build a thriving dairy farm. Made from plastic, these Friesian cows are durable and can withstand even rough indoor play. Pair them with our set of 4 round straw bales for an authentic farm scene.

For a special treat, our Farm Accessory Set is a must-have toy for little ones just starting out on their farming adventure. The set contains 19 pieces, complete with round and square hay bales as well as pallets, crates, and fencing. All you need are some Kids Globe farm animals and buildings to have the basis of a great farm!

Farm Buildings and Vehicles

We also have a great selection of Kids Globe farm buildings and vehicles for completing your child’s farm setup.

One of our best-value Kids Globe farm buildings is the Wooden Milking Parlour and Cow Shed, compatible with the animals, vehicles, and accessories from our Siku Farmer and Britains Farmyard 1:32 ranges. The perfect place for your children to keep their cows during the winter!

Another great option for your child's farm is our diecast Land Rover Defender with Horse Trailer farm vehicle. Complete with two horses, this sturdy vehicle is perfect for transporting animals around the farm. It features a pull-back-and-go motor, so your child can watch the Land Rover whiz around their indoor farm!

Shop Our Range of Kids Globe Toys Today

At Farm Toys Online, we're proud to offer a wide range of Kids Globe toys for kids aged 3+, whether your children enjoy farmyard animal sets or building a realistic farmyard scene.

Shop our selection of Kids Globe toys today and treat your budding farmer to endless imaginative and creative play with these durable, classic farm toys.

Why not check out the rest of our farm vehicles range to find more tractor and vehicle play options?


What Scale are Kids Globe Toys?

All our Kids Globe toys are 1:32 scale, which makes them great for creating an expansive, imaginative farm without taking over the whole house! You can easily pack them away in your child’s play box or cupboard when they’re done playing.

Can Kids Globe Toys Be Used Outdoors?

We wouldn't recommend using our Kids Globe toys for outdoor play. Although their size makes them perfect for playing on the go, playing with them outside can lead to items getting lost.

Can Kids Globe Toys Be Used With Other Brands?

Yes, our Kids Globe toys are compatible with other popular brands such as Siku Farmer and Britains Farmyard. This allows your child to mix and match their playsets to build a farmyard that's unique to them and their interests.

Are All Your Kids Globe Toys Suitable for Kids Age 3+?

The majority of our Kids Globe range is suitable for children aged 3 and up. With that said, there are a couple of items, especially the farm animals, that manufacturers recommend for children aged 4+ due to their small parts. It's important to always supervise young children with small toys as they present a choking hazard.