Halloween Fun

Kids love outdoor play, adventure and exploration... And Halloween is the perfect excuse to get them outside!  Here are three of Farmer Freddie's top activities for Halloween fun!

Bobbing for apples
A bowl and some apples = plenty of giggles, all for free. Just make sure they’re not cider apples or you’ll have a bunch of tipsy children on your hands. 

Have fun with Pumpkins
Who doesn't love pumpkins? There are tons of fun pumpkin activities you can enjoy, from designing happy jack-o'-lanterns, to playing pin the stem on the pumpkin and organising mini pumpkin hunts in the garden.

Go on a bug hunt
Send them on a scavenge for creepy crawlies, the creepier the better. Use jam jars to view your bugs before releasing them... or serving them up for dinner!

Have a good one, folks ;)


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