Christmas Checklist

The Complete Christmas Checklist for a Stress-Free & Fun-Filled Day

Use our Christmas checklist to make your day as stress-free & fun-filled as possible. Tried & tested tips from the parents at Farm Toys Online for a Christmas your family will never forget!
tractor cake idea

Our 9 Favourite Farm Cake Ideas for Your Little Farmer's Birthday

Discover amazing farm-themed cake ideas with big machines and farming adventures. Celebrate their special day with a delicious treat that embodies their passion for all things agricultural.
Massey Ferguson Tractor Playset

Massey Ferguson Tractor Playset

Check out Farmer's Wife & Mummy's review of our Britains Massey Ferguson Tractor Playset and how we saved Christmas without even know it. **Spo...

Top 8 Diggers for Children

Little JCB fans will love this great footage of JCBs! Fantastic episode on JCB construction vehicles and, of course, we have them all in toy versio...
Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun

Kids love outdoor play, adventure and exploration... And Halloween is the perfect excuse to get them outside!  Here are three of Farmer Freddie's t...