How to Make a Toy Farm With Your Child: What You Need & Our Favourite Farm Toy Models

As parents, encouraging creativity and learning through play is always on our minds, and what better way to do so than by creating a miniature farm world with your little one?

In this guide, we'll explore the essentials you'll need to embark on this fun project and highlight some of our top picks for farm toy models that will spark your child's imagination.

From tractors to barns and everything in between, we'll walk you through the must-have items for making a captivating toy farm. So, rev up your tractors and let's dive into the delightful world of toy farms!

What You Need for Your Little Farmer's Toy Farm

To get started on your little farmer's toy farm, you'll need a variety of farm-themed toys including tractors, animals, and structures like barns and fences.

One of the biggest questions to ask yourself at this stage is: what scale do you want to start building your collection around?

We offer everything from 1:16 scale, which is more suitable for heavy-duty playtime, to 1:32 scale, which tends to have more vulnerable parts, to miniature scale matchbox-sized farm vehicles and accessories. Getting the scale wrong can mean going back to the drawing board, so take the time to consider this carefully.

You can learn more about the different toy tractor scales in our guide.

1) Farm Building Models

When it comes to farm building models, look for durable and realistic structures such as barns, silos, and sheds, which will serve as the backbone of your toy farm layout.

These farm buildings will not only add authenticity to your setup but also provide a great place to park and store tractors and machinery after a long day of carpet farming.

We offer a variety of farm buildings in different scales from top quality brands, like the larger Kids Globe Wooden Farm Shed for 3 Tractors to the Papo Miniature Farmyard.

Our favourites for our children include:

  • For the budding livestock farmer, a large cow shed like this one from Kids Globe is ideal for keeping the cows in throughout the winter.
  • This Britains Toys Machinery Shed is ideal for providing a secure and weatherproof space to store those all-important farm equipment, machinery, and vehicles.

Consider your child's interests; for example, a tractor enthusiast may get more excited about a machinery shed, while a keen livestock farmer may prefer a shed for housing animals.

2) Little Farm Vehicles

In our experience, having a great fleet of farm vehicles can truly enhance any farm setup. Of course, you'll need a tractor, and the real question is: which tractor brand or colour excites your little one the most?

We stock everything from iconic green John Deere to red Massey Ferguson toy replicas, and everything in between.

Additionally, if your budget allows, there are plenty of other fun vehicles that farmers heavily rely on for completing chores around the farm, such as Land Rovers, Gators, and Quad Bikes!

Our own children especially love/loved:

In essence, if it's found on a farm, you can bet we have it in our unbeatable range of little farm vehicles.

Just remember to ensure items are in the same scale and ideally from the same brand for the perfect setup.

3) Toy Farm Accessories

Once farm vehicles have been selected, another great addition is farm accessories like a trailer for moving livestock or hay, and other popular implements such as a baler or plough.

Bruder offers some great farm toy accessories in the larger 1:16 scale, with lots of play features like the irrigation trailer with a functioning pump and a 1.8-metre hose!

Whereas the 1:32 Britains and Siku diecast replicas are much more authentic-looking but don't have as many playful features.

We think the essential toy farm accessories you should have include:

Again, whichever accessories you choose need to be in the same scale as your vehicle and ideally stick to the same toy brand for the best compatibility.

4) Most Importantly...Farm Animals!

And last but not least, a selection of farm animals really brings a toy farm to life.

If your budding farmer is keen on specific farm animals like cows, Kids Globe has an excellent set of 12 black and white cows.

For sheep, Britains offers a great set that even includes lambs and a sheepdog.

Alternatively, there are some great sets of mixed farmyard favourites from brands like Schleich and Mojo, which are great for starting off any toy farm.

Our most popular farm toy animals are:

The great thing about farm animals is that they can be collected over time and added in any order as a toy farm develops and grows over the years.

Our Favourite Toy Farm Sets

If all these different options and scales are making your head spin, worry not. We've taken some of the guesswork out for you by putting together farm sets containing our most popular items. 

In addition to our own sets, we also offer fantastic farmyard playsets from brands like Schleich and Britains.

Here are a few of our favourites.

#1 Farm Building Set with Case Tractor

From the Everyday Play Collection, this set is perfect for any budding farmer to dip their toes into the world of carpet farming, offering great value as well as the quality you would expect from a heritage brand like Britains Toys.

It includes a Case IH Magnum 305 Tractor, 2 troughs, 10 bales, 4 cattle, 4 hens, and a sheepdog.

#2 Wooden Oldfield with Tractor, Animals & People

The colourful wooden Farm Play Set from Tidlo is full of traditional charm and has everything a budding farmer needs to run a little farm.

It is a good size without being too big and is well-made.

The playset includes a barn with a loft and ladder, an animal shed, a farmhouse, a pigsty, fences, and a wooden play base.

This set is perfect for inspiring imaginative play and nurturing a love for farming from an early age. Highly recommended!

#3 Starter Wooden Farm Set with Tractor, Cows & Accessories

This brilliant set was put together by Julia and is full of firm favourites like the Kids Globe large barn, ideal for housing the 12 included cows with a metal feeding barrier.

It also features a big shed for tractors and other implements, a John Deere tractor, a fodder mixing wagon with some feed, and some square bales.

#4 Schleich Large Farm House with Animals & Accessories

Another great starter set is the large farmhouse with barn from Schleich. It comes with plenty of accessories like furniture for the farm house, fencing, feed, tools, lots of animals, and a farmer figure.

You can expand this already enormous set with other popular items from the Schleich Farm World range, such as the Hay Conveyor, the Feed Silo with Animals, and the Tractor and Trailer Set.

How to Layout & Arrange Your Child's Toy Farm

A great place to start is by designating specific areas for different activities, such as a barnyard for the animals, fields for the crops, and a machinery shed for the tractors and equipment.

Use fences to create realistic enclosures for the animals and ensure there's enough open space for your child to move the vehicles and animals around freely.

The main thing is to include your child in the process, making sure to have lots of fun and letting their imagination run wild.

Summary: Create the Perfect Little Toy Farm With Farm Toys Online!

Within this blog, we've detailed the essential elements necessary for creating the perfect toy farm, ranging from tractors to barns.

We've highlighted important considerations such as scale selection and provided recommendations for farm buildings, vehicles, accessories, and animals.

Above all, your main consideration should be to tailor your choices to your little farmer's preferences. Some children want intricately detailed replicas of real farm structures and machinery, whereas others may get more joy from colourful interpretations with added playful features.

Luckily for you, our unbeatable selection of farm toys at Farm Toys Online caters to everyone!


What Do I Need for My Child's Toy Farm?

You'll need a variety of farm-themed toys, including tractors, animals, buildings like barns and fences, and accessories to create a complete toy farm for your child.

What is the Best Brand for Children's Farm Toys?

This really depends on your child's preferences. If they want detailed replicas of real farm items, brands like Britains and Siku are ideal. For younger children who would benefit from more playful interpretations, brands like Schleich, Papo, and Tidlo are a great starting point.

How Do You Make a Toy Barn Out of Cardboard?

To make a toy barn out of cardboard, cut and assemble pieces into a barn shape, then decorate it with paint or markers to add details like doors, windows, and roof tiles.

How Detailed Should a Farmyard Set-up Be?

The level of detail in a farmyard setup should match your child's preferences, whether they want intricate dioramas or more playful, imaginative interpretation.

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