Schleich Large Farm House with Animals & Accessories

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  • Age Range: 3+
  • Scale: 1:24


The large farm from Schleich is the centrepiece of the Schleich Farm World collection. Farmers Paul and Laura live here. Both of them lovingly care for the animals on the farm.
The set includes a whole host of accessories and functions for hours of fun

Large farm house with barn with detachable roof and opening windows for easy play access. Working winch transports hay and feed to the barn loft; farm house with kitchen and dining area plus bedroom, furniture and accessories. Fencing, cow and calf, dog and cat plus farmer figures, piglet and rat, feed and tools accessories.

You can add to the fun with the Schleich Hay Conveyorthe Schleich Feed Silo with Animals and the Schleich Tractor and Trailer Set.

- The winch transports hay and feed to the barn loft
- The two-part building consists of the barn and the farmer family home with kitchen and bedroom
- Detachable roofs and opening and closing roof windows, plus secret flap in the roof
- Fence parts can be connected in any way
- Farmer figures with movable arms and legs
- Approx size 43.5 x 24 x 30.5 cm

Schleich Large Farm House 42407 box contains:
1x barn, 1x house, 1x cow, 1x calf, 1x donkey foal, 1x dog, 1x cat, 1x mini pig, 1x mouse, 1x female farmer, 1x male farmer, 1x neckerchief, 1x crane with feed claw, 6x fence, 4x paddocks, 1x balcony, 1x flower box, 1x ladder, 1x water hose with mount, 1x dining table, 1x bench, 1x oven, 1x wood, 1x sink, 2x plate, 2x cup, 1x dog bowl, 1x double bed, 1x mattress, 1x duvet, 1x broom, 1x pitchfork, 1x feed box, 1x wheelbarrow, 1x hay that can be picked up, 2x hay bales, 2x straw bales, 1x carrot, 1x apple, 1x sticker sheet

Schleich products are approximately 1:24 scale although some items are larger to prevent children swallowing them.


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