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Here at Farm Toys Online, we have many different toy tractors from some of the best toy brands around. But which will your budding farmer love the most? Well, we're here to help you choose!

We sell several toy tractor brands, including renowned Siku, Bruder and Britains, catering to both young collectors and budding farmers.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional range of high-quality replicas of everyone's favourite tractors, from John Deere to New Holland and everything in between.

Whether you're searching for a special 1:32 scale tractor to add to a collection or a larger 1:16 scale toy tractor for an energetic three-year-old, we have you covered with our unbeatable range of toy tractors.

TIP: When choosing a toy tractor for a child, it's important to consider factors such as age-appropriateness, durability, functionality, and – most importantly – the scale of the tractor to ensure it matches their play style and fits well with other toys they may have.

Not sure which toy tractor scale is right for your child? Read our toy tractor scale guide to learn more.

John Deere Toy Tractors

It's no surprise that John Deere is our best-selling toy tractor brand. Children's faces light up with excitement when they see a green and yellow John Deere tractor, instantly recognising its iconic colours.

Aside from being an instant hit with kids, another benefit of opting for a John Deere toy tractor is the brilliant range of John Deere accessories up for grabs!

From trailers to balers, cultivators to mowers, little ones can dive into a carpet farming adventure that feels as exciting as the real thing.

Below are just a few of our favourites.

1. Britains Big Farm John Deere Light & Sound Tractor

Britain's Big Farm John Deere Light & Sound Tractor is a popular choice thanks to its high-quality construction and interactive features that keep children entertained for hours.

Crafted from sturdy plastic, this large-scale toy tractor is suitable for children aged three years and older. It requires three AAA batteries to operate. The working lights, realistic engine sounds and opening bonnet are guaranteed to spark imagination and provide endless entertainment.

2. Bruder Toys John Deere 6920 Tractor with Frontloader

A firm favourite because of its top-notch German quality, and realistic details, plus it’s packed with fun features like a working front loader! Sturdy enough to withstand toddler play but still has enough detail/functionality to keep children interested and coming back for more.

This large-scale toy tractor is compatible with a wide range of accessories from our collection of Bruder Toys, including trailers and trailed implements. You can also buy farmer figures who sit inside.

3. Siku John Deere 8345R Radio Controlled Tractor

This one is a big hit with older children as it satisfies their passion for both tech and tractors. With its awesome radio control features, realistic design, and attention to detail, this tractor will take carpet farming to the next level.

Add to the fun by combining it with a remote control hay rake, plough, cultivator or trailer from the Siku Control32 collection. These attachments can whirl, raise, lower, and tip – all using the same tractor handset.

Buy this for children aged six and over.

Claas Toy Tractors

At Farm Toys Online, we've got you covered with all the top brands of toy tractors, and our impressive Claas range is no exception.

Claas tractors have become a familiar sight in the British countryside. Their robust build, efficient engines, and reliability have made them a top choice among farmers. And we all know that budding farmers have an insatiable desire to have a miniature version of everything they spot on a real farm.

Our Best-Selling Claas Tractor Toys

Here are some of our best-sellers to make it easier for you to explore some popular options.

1. Siku Claas Xerion 5000 Tractor

Get ready to be amazed by this highly accurate 1:32 replica of the real deal, expertly crafted with a combination of diecast metal and plastic parts. Weighing almost 1 kilogram, this toy is a true heavyweight and stands out as one of the larger 1:32 tractors in our Siku collection.

For added excitement, consider pairing it with a Siku 1:32 scale trailer or trailed implement. This toy is best suited for children aged 4 and up, as it does have some vulnerable parts.

2. Claas Xerion Rolly Minitrac Ride On Tractor

The Claas Xerion foot-to-floor ride-on is the ultimate toy for younger tractor fans! With its iconic Claas colour scheme, opening engine bonnet, working steering wheel complete with a squeaky horn, it's no surprise that this toy is a best seller.

Designed with a comfortable ergonomic shape and a knee recess, this toy is perfect for little Claas fans aged one year and up.

Siku Tractor Toys

Siku is a leading brand in model vehicles, our range consists mainly of farming vehicles and machinery, from tractors to trailers, spreaders to balers.

When it comes to scales, Siku offers three options to choose from. The most popular scale is 1:32, which delivers an incredibly detailed representation of the real-life farm vehicle.

Next up is the 1:50 scale, and finally, the highly sought-after 1:87 mini scale. These mini-scale tractors are pocket-sized and treasured by children for collecting!

All Siku toy tractors are made with die-cast metal and plastic components, making them durable and safe for your child to play with.

Our Customer-Favourite Siku Toy Tractors

We all have our own favourites at Farm Toys HQ, but let's talk about the two top-selling and most highly recommended Siku toy tractors according to our customers.

1. Mini Tractor and Trailer Gift Pack

This mini tractor and trailer set is a best seller for a good reason - they are the perfect toys that can go anywhere! Their sturdy metal construction ensures they can withstand being tossed around, dropped, or even thrown into a bag, all while staying intact.

They're small enough to fit perfectly in a backpack, providing endless entertainment for little ones on the go.

Plus, it's only £18.95. What a deal!

2. Siku John Deere 6210R Tractor

It's no wonder that our Siku bestsellers include an iconic John Deere replica. This high-quality toy tractor offers fantastic features such as a lifting bonnet, folding wing mirrors and a detachable cab.

It's made from diecast metal, so it feels incredibly sturdy.

Plus, it comes with a front and back hitch, which means budding farmers can add to the fun by attaching a range of trailers and trailed implements from the Siku 1:32 scale collection.

Bruder Tractors & Farm Vehicles

Just like the real thing! German toy manufacturer Bruder makes top-quality, detailed toy tractors, trailers, combine harvesters, farm buildings and accessories with working features that are great fun to play with.

Bruder has partnered with renowned vehicle manufacturers from around the world to produce incredibly accurate replicas of their vehicles and equipment.

The level of detail in their large-scale toys is truly impressive, which is why their slogan proudly states, "Just like the real thing!"

One of the features we love about Bruder is its use of high-quality plastics, the same ones used in the automotive industry! It's no wonder that their toys are incredibly durable and built to last.

Another feature that sets Bruder toy tractors apart is the unique play/steering system, which includes a steering wheel that extends through the cabin roof. This clever design allows children to easily drive and manoeuvre their toy tractor, adding an extra element of fun to their farming adventures.

Farmer Figurines for Your Bruder Vehicles

Bruder offers a fantastic range of farming figures that come with moveable limbs, heads, and hands capable of grasping objects. These figures are specially designed to fit perfectly inside Bruder tractors, adding yet another realistic touch to the range.

Our Bruder range includes a wide selection of figures, including both male and female, with coloured or grey hair and wearing either light or dark jeans. Some of the figures even come with cool accessories, like a wheelbarrow!

Bruder figures are not only excellent pocket money toys but also make brilliant stocking fillers. Thanks to their compact size, they fit perfectly in a stocking.

With their affordable price, they offer a budget-friendly option that provides children with hours of playtime fun.

Britains Toy Tractors: Europe's Favourite for the Last 100 Years

If you're not familiar with Britains Toys, Britains is Europe's oldest specialist in agricultural toys and collectables. They have been creating incredibly accurate diecast model toys since 1893!

What makes Britains Toys truly special is its ability to attract a wide range of fans, from collectors to farming families. Many people who grew up with Britains toys have passed on their love for these toys to the next generation, making them a beloved choice for toy enthusiasts of all ages.

Britains offers several ranges of farm toys. 

First up, there's the flagship Britains 1:32 scale range, best suited to children aged five plus and collectors.

Then, we have the Big Farm range, which is all about fun for small hands and outdoor play. It's designed in the larger 1:16 scale and recommended for kids aged 3 and up.

If you're looking for a value option, check out the Everyday Play range. And for the ultimate collectors out there, the Prestige range offers top-notch models designed for those aged 14 and above.

Our Britains bestsellers are:

  1. Britains John Deere Farm in a Box
  2. Massey Ferguson Playset
  3. Massey Ferguson 6616 Tractor & Loader
  4. John Deere Light & Sound Tractor

If you're starting a Britains farm toy collection, the Britains Farm Building Set is an excellent choice to begin with. This set provides you with all the essentials to create a lifelike farm scene, including a farm building, four Fresian cows, two pairs of chickens, a farming family, their loyal farm dog, and even a big pile of bales. 

Simply add a tractor and trailer to complete the setup, and you'll have a solid foundation for your collection!

Find the Best Toy Tractors for Children at Farm Toys Online

Thanks to our unbeatable selection of high-quality farm-themed toys, finding the perfect toy tractor for your budding farmer is easy at Farm Toys Online.

Whether you're looking for realistic tractor replicas or toy tractor and trailer playsets, at Farm Toys Online, we stock everything you need all under one roof.

Toy tractors are tested by our expert team of toy testers, and, most important of all, if it isn't good enough for our children, then it’s not good enough for yours. Learn more about our story here.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about our toy tractors.


What are the Different Scale Sizes of Toy Tractors?

Toy tractors are available in a wide range of scales, offering options for everyone from miniature sizes like 1:87 to larger scales like 1:32 or even 1:16.

These different scales allow parents and collectors to choose toys that align with their little farmer's play preferences or desired level of detail. If you want to learn more about the different scales, be sure to check out our helpful guide Tractor Scales Explained.

What is the Best Toy Tractor for Children Aged 3?

Bruder toy tractors are perfect for three-year-olds, thanks to their winning combination of being large scale, made from durable plastic, and offering just the right amount of detail and functioning parts. These features captivate preschoolers, ensuring lots of playtime fun.

What is the Best Brand for Toy Tractors?

When it comes to toy tractors, the best brand is really a matter of personal preference and the age you are buying for. However, some popular choices among tractor enthusiasts are Bruder, Siku, and Britains.

These brands are known for their awesome quality, attention to detail, and a wide range of available models to choose from.

Are Toy Tractors Collectable?

Yes, toy tractors can definitely be collectable items. Just like any other type of collectable, certain toy tractors can hold significant value for collectors.

One brand that stands out in this regard is Britains , which has been producing high-quality replicas for over 100 years. Britains often introduce one or two limited models each year – like the JCB Union Jack AgriPro Loadall Tractor – and these limited editions can quickly become highly sought-after collectables.

These special releases often boast unique designs or special features, making them particularly appealing to collectors who are passionate about expanding their Britains  collection.

Can You Buy Accessories for Tractor Toys?

For the best fit and compatibility, it's recommended to choose accessories that are specifically designed for the same brand as the tractor toy you've chosen.

Let's say, for example, you've selected a Britains 1:32 scale tractor toy. In that case, it's best to opt for accessories from the Britains 1:32 scale range. By doing so, you ensure a perfect match and maximise the enjoyment of your budding farmer's playtime!

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