Best Digger Toys for 2-Year-Olds & Up: Bruder, Britains, Tonka & More

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When it's playtime, your toddler deserves nothing but the best – durable toy diggers, construction vehicles, and dump trucks that can withstand all the energetic play.

That's why we exclusively stock top-quality toys from trusted brands like Bruder, crafted from durable plastic used in the automotive industry, and Tonka, constructed from sturdy steel. 

Because, let's face it, there's nothing more disappointing than a new favourite toy breaking within hours of getting it!

Whether it's a big birthday splurge, a Christmas gift, or a little reward, we've handpicked a selection of the best digger toys to suit every budget and play style.

Our Kids' Favourite Bruder Digger Toys for Ages 2 & Up

Bruder manufactures exceptional-quality toys in Germany using the same high-grade plastic found in the automotive industry.

While most toys are intended for ages 3 and older, we've discovered a few gems designed for ages 2 and up. 

Here are a couple of favourites adored by our little ones, thanks to their bright colours and fun designs. With realistic play functions, these toys can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors, promising to rev up any little one's playtime!

Bruder Excavator

Get ready for some digging excitement with the Bruder Excavator! Use the central handle to lift and lower the whole excavator arm and move the bucket.

 It's brilliant for a day at the beach or in the sandpit!

Bruder Wheeled Loader

Get ready for loads of fun with the Bruder Wheeled Loader! 

The central handle lets you easily lift and lower the loading arm, making it a breeze to move the bucket. 

Plus, with its big tread tyres and articulated steering, this wheel loader is perfect for some serious sandpit action. It's a must-have for any toddler!

Iconic Tonka Toys for Children Above the Age of 3

We are big fans of this quality heritage brand that has been producing fantastic toys for over 70 years

In fact, Julia started stocking Tonka because her brother had a Tonka truck growing up that survived being run over by her dad's Volvo!

All Tonka toys are made from real steel and are Tonka Tough, making them suitable for outdoor play while also being great for indoor use.

Tonka Steel Mighty Dump Truck

Perfect for little ones who love anything with four wheels! 

Hours will be spent pushing it backwards and forward, loading and unloading with mud from the garden (AKA the construction site) or sand on the beach. 

This classic dump truck is guaranteed to be a hit.

"It really makes a lovely change to be able to purchase metal toys instead of plastic ones. I bought this as a Christmas present for my grandson and I am sure he will be delighted with it!" - SW

Tonka Front Loader

The Tonka Front Loader is designed to handle the most challenging tasks!

 Lift and lower the front loader to transport mud, rocks, or sand between job sites. 

Built Tonka tough with real steel construction!

"We love this product. With its metal cab it’s definitely built to last. Well thought out and the loader bucket function is perfect for any budding farmer" - Freddie

Tonka Steel Mighty Bulldozer

The Tonka Steel Classics Bulldozer is prepared to clear and demolish anything in its way! 

Use the functional blade to move mud, sand, and gravel.

 Pair it with other excavators and dump trucks from the Tonka collection for the ultimate playtime fun!

"The child who received it has enjoyed playing with it as far as I know" - Loretta F

Tonka Mini Movers Combo

These brilliant playsets include two diecast vehicles and Tonka Tough Dirt, providing a fun new alternative to real sand that replicates authentic construction site conditions without the mess!

Choose between Dumper and Bulldozer or Bulldozer and Front Loader.

"My 20 month old Grandson absolutely loves these Tonka construction vehicles. The fake sand is a great idea. He has spent hours, just moving the sand between the vehicles and some of his other toys have come to help ! Highly recommend this. Excellent value for money." - Nicola G

Bestselling Siku Construction Toys from the Farmer 1:50 Collection

Siku is another excellent brand known for its impressive range of diecast metal toy construction vehicles.

Keep in mind that these models are less suitable for outdoor play and have small parts that are more vulnerable compared to the larger, sturdier options offered by Bruder and Tonka. 

If your three-year-old has a particularly energetic play style, it might be advisable to stick with more robust choices.

Wacker Neuson ET65 Tracked Excavator

Let your little one experience the thrill of construction with this wonderfully detailed Siku 1:50 scale Wacker Neuson ET65 mini excavator. 

With a swivelling cab, adjustable loader arm, and bucket action, it brings the construction site to life. 

Thanks to its compact size (11 x 4 x 6 cm), it's a brilliant little toy for taking on the go.

Liebherr L556 Wheel Loader

A wonderfully detailed mini version that looks just like the big Siku Liebherr L566 wheel loader

It boasts a realistic interior cab, a front loader arm that can go up and down, and a bucket that tilts.

Volvo Hydraulic Excavator

This Siku excavator comes with moving, rubberised tracks and boasts accurate detailing. 

The unit with the cabin and digger arm can rotate a full 360 degrees. It's the perfect replica model for any digger fan!

Prestigious Britains Construction Toys

Britains is another fantastic heritage brand we carry. 

It is renowned for crafting diecast replica models for over 100 years and is cherished by both children and collectors.

Similar to Siku, these are designed on a much smaller scale than Bruder or Tonka, so they have small parts that are more delicate. 

They are suitable for ages three and above, but it's important to consider your child's play style as they might not be ready for this range.

Muddy JCB Midi Excavator

The Britains JCB Midi Excavator looks like it's just come from a big job with its lifelike muddy effect!

It also boasts a rotating cab, a functioning arm, and rubber tracks.

"Just purchased this JCB muddy midi excavator and its a little (1/32) gem, Britains is a class act for all things for the farm yard and surroundings." - Rob H

JCB Dumper Vehicle

The JCB 6-tonne site dumper is sure to play a major role in any playroom. 

Britains has manage to capture every detail in this brilliant 1:32 scale diecast metal replica, featuring tipping and swivel features!

"The three year old recipient was very pleased with the JCB. A tough toy which he has not managed to break!" - Thomas L

JCB 419S Wheeled Loader

The JCB 419S Wheeled Loading Shovel takes care of all the heavy lifting around the playroom with its interchangeable giant bucket and silage fork.

"Fab item and reasonable for the quality - metal tractor and changeable from bucket and buck rake - my son is obsessed with the Tractor Ted episode where he helps push up the ‘big pile of grass silage’ and so is often found with his own pile that he has made from grass or whatever he can find! This made his year getting this and he’s so happy!" - Emily W

Tried & Tested Digger Toys for 2-Year-Olds & Up: What We Gifted Our Kids

"You know what was the absolute best? That Rolly JCB Ride-On I had! I could pedal it all over the garden." - Harry Lowe

I caught up with Julia to chat about what her now-grown son loved when he was two. She immediately raved about the Rolly Kid JCB Tractor with Frontloader and Rear Excavator. Apparently, that toy kept him busy for hours outside!

Together, we put together this round-up of the top diggers we have gifted to our own children through the years.

JCB Rolly Kid Dumper Truck

All Rolly Toys are a big hit, but this one is the top favourite. I mean, who wouldn't want to pedal around on a dumper truck that actually tips stuff out at the front? Plus, it's got a hitch at the back for accessories and those cool, rugged wheels that make it look like a real digger.

Rolly toys are made in Germany and double-tested for superior quality. This one is suitable for children aged 2 and a half years and up.

Tonka Steel Toughest Mighty Dump Truck

As mentioned earlier in this blog post, Julia has a particular soft spot for Tonka Toys, which she has passed on to the entire team. 

We've all gifted the Toughest Steel Mighty Dump Truck! Not only is it enormous, always achieving that 'wow' factor upon unwrapping, but it's also built to last and can withstand even the toughest Tonka kids!

John Deere Big Scoop Excavator Digger

Another firm favourite, this excavator is fantastic both indoors and outdoors. 

Made from sturdy plastic, it features a handgrip on the excavating arm, making digging a breeze for the youngest digger enthusiasts. 

Perfect for enjoying fun moments in the sandpit or a day at the beach. Plus, it's easy to clean!

" 3 year loves his excavator. Just the right size and easy for him to handle. It's his favourite toy at the minute." - Susan I

Shop the Best Digger Toys for Children Aged 2 & Up

In this guide featuring the best digger toys for 2-year-olds and up, we have showcased an exciting collection of long-lasting and engaging construction toys. 

From the large-scale Bruder and Tonka Toys to the intricately detailed Siku and Britains models, each toy guarantees hours of digging fun.

Whether it's a realistic Muddy Excavator from Britains or the Tonka Steel Mighty Dump Truck renowned for being 'Tonka Tough,' these toys spark imaginative play both indoors and outdoors.

No matter your child's play style, our unbeatable range of JCB and digger toys ensures you'll discover something they'll love.


Should Digger Toys for 2-Year-Olds Be Educational?

Digger toys are educational. In addition to providing entertainment, they play a vital role in developing motor skills, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities.

What Types of Digger Toys Are Safe for 2-Year-Olds?

Digger toys for toddlers should be crafted from non-toxic materials, devoid of small parts, and feature rounded edges to ensure safe play. Always check the age recommendations on product pages.

What Should I Look for in a Digger Toy for My 2-Year-Old?

Look for durability, ease of use, and colourful designs. The best toys for toddlers are sturdy, encourage exploration, and are simple to handle. Opt for toys with lots of moving parts.

Are Your Digger Toys Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Play?

Yes, they are. From personal experience, larger-scale toys from Bruder and Tonka are much better for outside as they are easier to clean.

What Toy Brands Make the Best Digger Toys for Kids?

We stock a fantastic collection of digger toys from brands like Bruder, Tonka, Siku, and Britains, all known for their exceptional quality and clever design. Each brand offers a unique range of digger toys with features suited for different play styles.

Are Your Digger Toys Collectible?

Yes, particularly our Britains and Siku Toys. There are some special limited edition models within the range, such as the Siku Black and Gold JCB Agri Wheel Loader, and Britains JCB Union Jack AgriPro Loadall Tractor.,

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