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Showing 1 - 24 of 43 products
43137A1 Britains Cattle Feeder Set
Britains Cattle Feeder Set
Sale price£11.50
Britains Charolais Cows 43240Britains Charolais Cows 43240
Britains Charolais Cattle Set
Sale price£7.95
Bruder CAT Telehandler 02141Bruder CAT Telehandler 02141
Bruder CAT Telehandler
Sale price£30.95
Schleich Cat 13836
Schleich Schleich Cat
Sale price£3.50
Kids Globe Toy Land Rover Defender with Cattle Trailer
Schleich Grey and White Cat, SittingSchleich Grey and White Cat, Sitting
Bruder Toys Cat Skid Steer LoaderBruder Toys Cat Skid Steer Loader
Bruder Cat Skid Steer Loader
Sale price£19.95
Schleich 13770 Cat, Standing - World of Nature
Bruder 02443 Caterpillar Track Type Tractor Bulldozer
CAT Mini ExcavatorCAT Mini Excavator
Bruder CAT Mini Excavator
Sale price£36.95
Bruder 02136 Caterpillar Multi Terrain Loader 1:16 Scale
Maine Coon Cat (Schleich) [13893]
Schleich Maine Coon Cat
Sale price£3.50
SSchleich Farmworld Playtime for Cute CatsSchleich Farmworld Playtime for Cute Cats
Schleich Playtime for Cute Cats
Sale price£13.95
Bruder John Deere Tractor with Caterpillar TracksBruder John Deere Tractor with Caterpillar Tracks
Save £4.00
Breyer Traditional Catch Me 1806Breyer Traditional Catch Me 1806
Breyer Catch Me
Sale price£44.95 Regular price£48.95
Bruder Toys CAT Large Track Tractor Bulldozer 02452
Bruder  CAT Wheel Excavator LS 02445
Papo Ginger CatPapo Red and White Cat 54031
Papo Papo Ginger Cat
Sale price£4.95
Bruder Toys CAT Mini Excavator with Worker FigureBruder Toys CAT Mini Excavator with Worker Figure
Bruder Toys CAT EXcavator 02483
Bruder CAT Excavator
Sale price£69.95
Ginger Tabby Cat Animal Planet 387283
Mojo Mojo Ginger Tabby Cat
Sale price£4.50
Breyer Stablemates Suncatcher Horses Paint & Play 4237Breyer Stablemates Suncatcher Horses Paint & Play 4237
Schleich Ragdoll Cat 13940
Schleich Ragdoll Cat
Sale price£3.50

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Cat Diggers, Bulldozers, Excavators & More

Enter the construction zone with our range of Cat diggers, bulldozers, excavators and more! Not only do our Caterpillar toys look realistic, but they'll also give your child hours of fun.

They can dig their way through playtime, using their Caterpillar toys to imagine any construction site. They're great for using outdoors in sand pits or dirt and can be used indoors for pretend play.

Many of the vehicles come with features based on real things, like extendable telescopic arms and tipping shovels, so your child can learn and have fun at the same time.

Your child can collect different vehicles in our range to create an entire fleet. And with our range of farm toy accessories, they can create their own little world that they'll love.

Shop our Cat digger toys, and let your child explore the world of work around them.


What Does Cat Stand for in Cat Diggers?

Cat simply stands for Caterpillar. The name of these diggers comes from the caterpillar-type tracks they have on their underbelly, which is how they move and manoeuvre around construction sites.

What Are Cat Digger Toys Made From?

The Caterpillar toys in our collection are made from strong plastic to withstand the rough-and-tumble play of your kids.

What Size Are Caterpillar Digger Toys?

Our Caterpillar digger toys come in 1:16 and 1:32 scales. Read our handy scales guide to check which would be most suitable for your child.

What Age Are Cat Toy Trucks Suitable For?

Cat toy trucks are suitable for children over the age of 3 due to small parts that may present a choking hazard.