Ed Stafford Shelter Kit

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  • Age Range: 8+


"This kit is so much more than a toy set - it's the quality you’d need to spend multiple weeks in the jungle and not get wet. Time outdoors enriches lives. My childhood was spent roaming fields, building dens and dams and as a result I feel a practical connection to nature that has never left me. If screens cause anxiety - nature is the antidote. An afternoon in the woods building a den with mates or the family is the perfect way to re-set your child and bring them back to their purest and happiest selves."  – Ed Stafford.

Developed In collaboration with Ed Stafford, The Shelter Kit is the highest spec kit we offer containing equipment that Ed would use himself. 

Aimed specifically at young people, this kit doesn’t patronise. Guided by Ed Stafford’s words of wisdom and inspiration The Shelter Kit contains the highest quality 3x3m basha, the Ed Stafford signature embroidered cap, a high quality duffle bag and all the other kit your budding explorer needs for their adventures.


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