Papo Texan Bull

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  • Age Range: 3+
  • Scale: 1:24


The Texan bull, whose real name is "Texas Longhorn", belongs to an American bovid breed originated from Texas, hence its name. Bulls, like cows of this breed, may be white to grey, speckled with red or even brown or black. Medium in size, the breed is characterised by the presence of two long horns which can exceed two metres.

Papo make beautiful and amazingly accurate models of all sorts of toy figures. All Papo model figures are hand painted to promote wonderful role play for children and are also great collectors items for animal enthusiast.

- Made from solid plastic and hand-painted
- Scale approx 1:24 (a guide only)
- Measures approximately 5.5 inches long
- 3 inch hornspan

- Papo Texan Bull 54007

Papo products are approximately 1:24 scale although some items are larger to prevent children swallowing them.

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