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Showing 1 - 24 of 143 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 143 products
Papo Highland CowPapo Highland Cow Figure
Papo Papo Highland Cow
Sale price£7.50
Papo Mini Plus Farm tubePapo Mini Plus Farm tube
Papo Papo Mini Plus Farm tube
Sale price£19.95
Shetland pony with saddlePapo Shetland Pony with Saddle
Papo 51132 Brown Limousine Calf
Papo 54008 Border Collie sheep dog
Papo Red FoxPapo Red Fox
Papo Papo Red Fox
Sale price£4.95
Papo Trendy Riding GirlPapo Trendy Riding Girl
Papo Papo Trendy Riding Girl
Sale price£5.95
Papo 52008 Young Horse Rider with Blue Jodhpurs
Papo Male Farm Hand with ForkPapo Farm
Papo Model Hen 51159
Papo Papo Hen
Sale price£3.50
papo winter riding girlpapo winter riding girl
Papo Winter Riding Girl
Sale price£5.95
Papo Model 51047 White Lamb
Papo Papo White Lamb
Sale price£3.50
Riding Child
Papo Riding Child
Sale price£4.50
Papo Brown and White Simmental Calf
Papo Toy Farm Fencing Set
Papo Papo Farm Fencing
Sale price£6.95
Papo Mallard Duck
Papo Papo Mallard Duck
Sale price£3.50
Papo Labrador
Papo Papo Labrador Dog
Sale price£4.95
Papo Pecking Hen
Papo Papo Pecking White Hen
Sale price£3.50
Papo Young Rider's Horse
Papo Papo Young Rider's Horse
Sale price£7.50
Papo Brown & White Simmental BullPapo Brown & White Simmental Bull
Papo 51131 Brown Limousine Cow
Papo Papo Brown Limousine Cow
Sale price£7.50
Papo Squirrel
Papo Papo Squirrel
Sale price£3.50
Papo 51041 Merino White Sheep
Papo Papo Merino Sheep
Sale price£4.95
Papo Horse Woman with Blue Jodhpurs

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Largest Selection of Papo Animals

At Farm Toys Online, we have an extensive range of Papo toys that are perfect for any budding farmer. With lifelike details and a wide selection of animals, your little one can bring the farm to life with these model figures.

Our selection includes an array of farm animals, including everything from cows and sheep to foxes, hens, horses and rabbits. Your little one can collect a whole bunch of animals to create their very own farmyard at home.

Papo Figures & Farm Accessories

As well as animals, we stock a number of Papo figures to add to the farming scene. Your child can pair their Papo horses with their very own riders, or add a farm hand!

Our range also includes farm buildings and accessories, like stables, horse boxes and even an entire farm barn. With some imagination and a few Papo figures, the possibilities are endless!

Shop our collection of Papo toys and give your kids the opportunity to create their own unique farm adventures.


Which is Better: Papo or Schleich?

We don't think either is better than the other – they both offer incredible quality toys that have been beautifully created with extreme care. They're great at helping children use their imagination and play out fun stories, so it's really a matter of preference. You could even mix and match!

What Are Papo Figures Made Of?

Most of Papo's toys and figurines are made from solid plastic to withstand lots of playtime. The figurines are also hand-painted and offer truly realistic details.

Where Are Papo Toys Made?

Papo figures are designed and manufactured in France, where the company was created and still remains 20 years later.

What Age Are Papo Toys For?

The majority of Papo toys are suitable for children aged 3 and over. Small parts included in some of the figures may not be suitable for children under 3 years old.