The Very Hungry Caterpillar Butterfly Raising Kit

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Watch the Miracle of Metamorphosis Up Close

Once your kit arrives, redeem the unique code on the included voucher and Insect Lore will send your two cups of 3 -5 baby caterpillars with food to the address given, for a small fee for postage & packng. Caterpillars are available from March to mid-September only.

See An Amazing Transformation

3 - 5 caterpillars (a live butterfly culture) will arrive in a clear plastic cup with all of the nutritious food they need. Place the cup in a safe place away from direct sunlight. The caterpillars will remain in the cup and will eat, spin silk and grow to TEN times their original size! After seven to ten days they will hang upside down and harden into chrysalides (chrysalides are also known as pupae).

Raise Your Very Own Butterflies

Once the chrysalides have hardened, gently move them to the pop-up butterfly habitat. It will take about seven to ten more days for them to complete the transformation to adult butterflies.

The Butterfly Garden Habitat is a reusable, cylindrical mesh container perfect for up-close butterfly viewing! When not in use it folds flat for easy storage. Then when you wish to raise more butterflies, just order a refill Cup of Caterpillars.

The Live Butterfly Garden Includes:

- The Very Hungry Caterpillar™ pop-up reusable habitat, 30cm tall
- Voucher to redeem for 3 - 5 LIVE caterpillars with food (caterpillars available March to mid-September)
- Feeding Pipette
- Complete instruction guide
- Chrysalis station
- Insect Lore sugar packet to make your very own butterfly nectar (arrives with the caterpillars)

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