Weidemann Hoftrac Front Loader

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  • Item: 13997
  • Age Range: 3+
  • Scale: 1:32


This small and nimble four-wheel loader from the Weidemann brand is an essential machine for every medium- and large-sized agricultural unit. The machine easily masters even the tightest curves thanks to the folding axle. Realistic work is easy using this model, as the loading arm and shovel are designed to move with swivel-joint operation. The open driver's seat is finished is really detailed and it has original detail wheel rims with on-road rubberized tyres.

- Made from diecast metal and plastic
- 1:32 scale model
- Approx size 54x175x115mm

Because our tractors and machinery come in all shapes and sizes, we've put together this handy little scale guide to help you choose the perfect one. Still unsure about which one to choose? Don't be shy! Get in touch – we're always happy to help.

Siku Farmer Series 3059. 


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