Wheeled Loader

Sale price £34.95
  • Item: 17171
  • Age Range: 2+
  • Scale: 1:16


This vehicle with clever Bruder design boasts some great features. The central handle can lift and lower the entire loading arm and move the bucket. Thanks to the large tread tyres and articulated steering this new wheel loader also cuts a great shape in any sandpit.

- Made from high-quality plastics such as ABS
- 1:16 scale model
- Approx size 46.0 cm × 17.5 cm × 22.0 cm
- Bruder 03412

Because our tractors and machinery come in all shapes and sizes, we've put together this handy little scale guide to help you choose the perfect one. Still unsure about which one to choose? Don't be shy! Get in touch – we're always happy to help.

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