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If you need great farm-related cake ideas for a birthday, we have you covered. Kids enjoy farm-themed cakes as they represent their love for tractors and farming adventures, making their special day even more enjoyable.

Designing and crafting a themed birthday cake can be a daunting undertaking for those of us who aren't pros with a piping bag!

But fear not; it doesn’t always have to be complicated. Simple techniques like using green frosting and toy decorations are great ways to give a cake the wow factor.

So, roll up your sleeves and preheat the oven because we've gathered a selection of top farm-themed birthday cakes to inspire you to create a memorable cake for your little farmer's special day.

Number Shaped Farm-Themed Cakes

Creating a number-shaped cake is easier than you think.

You can use number-shaped tins or, for a DIY approach, bake your cake in regular square or round tin and cut the shapes using printable templates.

1. Felix's Number 3 Cake

Who wants a slice of Felix's 3rd birthday cake?! Clever mum Mathilda topped off this wonderful showstopper with tractors and trailers from our Siku Mini range.

2. Fin's Farm Cake

This chocolate birthday cake with the number 2 is incredible! Split into fields with cute Schleich baby farm animals and an edible fence, we adore it.

Clearly made by an expert, but you could easily recreate it at home, with the farm toy decorations covering up any imperfections in the frosting.

Farm-Themed Birthday Party Essentials

Farming Scene Cakes

You don't need to be a master baker to create an impressive farm scene birthday cake – just gather a few mini toys, get creative with some sweets, and you'll be amazed at the result.

3. Spreading in the Field

A 5-year-old boy asked his father to make him a manure spreader cake for his birthday... the final result is brilliant!

The cake features two "manure" spreaders loaded with crumbled chocolate cake on a bed of bright green buttercream.

Manure Spreader Birthday Cake
Photo by Eric Friestad

4. Julie's Excavation Cake

Julie baked this chocolate farm birthday cake for her 7-year-old farmer!

Complete with grass-green frosting, chocolate Malteser boulders, a chocolate finger retaining wall, and an excavation area – a good excuse to sample some of that cake, I bet!

5. Laura's Plowed Field Cake

Laura Shurey impressed us with her bake, featuring a Siku Mini John Deere tractor ploughing through a bed of chocolate 'soil' – simply mouth-watering.

Hands up if you want a section with the chocolate flake crumbled over the top to look like rich earth!

6. John Deere Farmyard Cake

We’re utterly in love with this tractor cake featuring a John Deere Monster Treads tractor, farm animal figures and rice crispies bales.

Cake Topping Tractor Toys for your Farm Scene...

Tractor-Shaped Birthday Cakes

If you want to see a little farmer-to-be bursting with excitement, a tractor-shaped cake is the way to go! 

You can buy tractor-shaped cake tins, but honestly, there is no need to splurge on anything new. There are plenty of online tutorials and templates out there to help you carve out your very own creation.

7. Kristin's John Deere Cake

Clever mother, Kristin Lawrence, baked this John Deere tractor cake complete with fruity gum lights.

The cake is decorated in John Deere coloured fondant icing, with blue windows and a personalised plaque, making it extra special. Dom really is a lucky boy!

8. Adorable Tractor Ted Cake

What little farmer wouldn't be delighted with Tractor Ted on top of their birthday cake? This a simple way to add your child's favourite tractor to any cake.

Supermarkets sell coloured fondant icing, and it's as easy as working with modelling clay.

Our Must-Have Tractor-Themed Birthday Party Supplies

Farm Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

A farm-themed birthday is wholesome and fun, loved by both girls and boys alike.

Here are a few of the best farm-themed birthday party food ideas to go with that cake.

9. Lisa's Farmyard Snacks

Lisa Bourne shared a fantastic farm-themed party idea featuring Rice Krispie hay bales and Oreo tractor tyres.

The Rice Krispie bales are simple to make with only a few ingredients and no baking required.

Our Favourite Farm Toys for Cake Toppers

If you're not quite blessed with the artistic skills of a professional cake decorator (which we can most certainly relate to), why not get a little clever with your decorating? You're already in the right place to find some cute cake toppers!

Our small-scale farm toys are ideal for decorating a farm-themed cake.

They are perfectly sized, and the best part is they can be played with afterward! Simply place a tractor, trailer, pigs, and cows on your cake without the hassle of creating your own.

Some of our favourites include…

1:32 Britains Cattle Feeder Set

An brilliant set for creating a farmyard scene on a birthday cake, this Britains Cattle Feeder Set includes a feeder with a round hay bale, four black and white cows, a sheepdog, and a farmer figure.

Schleich Farm World Starter Set

These bright and colourful Schleich farmyard friends would look great on top of any birthday cake. The set includes a cow, sheep, lamb, donkey, and rooster.

You could get even more creative by making some party hats for the animals and bunting using felt and a couple of skewer sticks!

Siku Mini John Deere Tractor & Cultivator

The Siku Mini John Deere Tractor & Cultivator is the perfect addition to a cake decoration that brings the farming spirit to life. Imagine this miniature marvel driving through a chocolatey field, just like a real tractor preparing the soil for seeding.

Siku Mini Massey Ferguson Tractor with Trailer

This true-to-scale Massey Ferguson tractor with Krampe trailer would add the wow factor to any cake. Fill the trailer with sweet treats for added excitement!

Create Memorable Birthday Cakes with Farm Toys

We hope this roundup of our favourite farm-themed cakes has inspired you, and you're now ready to whip up your own amazing cake!

With our farm toys as toppers, we have no doubt that you'll create a birthday cake that will delight your little one. Happy baking!

Baking for an upcoming birthday? Share your farm themed creation with us by emailing or tag us on Facebook or Instagram.


Are Farm Toys Safe to Use as a Cake Topper?

Your children's current toys are perfectly safe to use as cake toppers, provided they are clean enough, of course. However, using new toys as decorations will provide your children with extra presents.

How Can I Share My Farm Cake Creations With You?

We love seeing our customers creations, you can share your farm cake creations with us by emailing or tagging us on Facebook or Instagram. Don't forget to include the child's name for a birthday shout-out on our social channels.

Which Flavour Cake is Best for a Birthday?

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. The key is ensuring they're beautifully decorated and covered in frosting!

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Kelly-Ann Victor

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