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Showing 1 - 24 of 259 products
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Schleich 42105 Horse Feeding Set
Schleich Schleich Horse Feed Set
Sale price£12.50 Regular price£13.95
Save £1.00
Schleich Paddock with Entry Gate 42434Schleich Paddock with Entry Gate 42434
Schleich Paddock Fencing and Entry Gate
Sale price£8.95 Regular price£9.95
Schleich Sheep 13882
Schleich Sheep
Sale price£4.50
Schleich 13883 Farm World Lamb
Schleich Lamb
Sale price£3.50
Schleich Donkey Foal 13746Schleich Donkey Foal 13746
Schleich Schleich Donkey Foal
Sale price£3.50
Schleich Drake
Schleich Schleich Drake
Sale price£3.50
Schleich Corral Fence 42487Schleich Corral Fence 42487
Schleich Corral Fence
Sale price£9.95
Schlecih Rabbit
Schleich Schleich Rabbit
Sale price£3.50
Frisian Stallion with Saddle and Tack
Schleich 13772 Donkey
Schleich Schleich Donkey
Sale price£5.50
Schleich Kid GoatSchleich Kid Goat Toy Animal Figure
Schleich Schleich Kid Goat
Sale price£3.50
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Schleich Horse Club Lisa & Storm Blanket & HalterSchleich Horse Club Lisa & Storm Blanket & Halter
Schleich Horse Club Lisa & Storm Blanket & Halter
Sale price£4.00 Regular price£4.50
Horse Club Hannah & Cayenne Saddle & Bridle Schleich 42489
Schleich Tinker Mare
Schleich Schleich Tinker Mare
Sale price£7.50
Schleich Holstein Calf
Schleich Clydesdale Gelding
Schleich Cat 13836
Schleich Schleich Cat
Sale price£3.50
Schleich Horse Club Lisa & Storm Saddle & BridleHorse Club Lisa & Storm Saddle & Bridle
Schleich Horse Club Sarah & Mystery Saddle & BridleSchleich Horse Club Sarah & Mystery Saddle & Bridle
Schleich Simmental Cow
Schleich Simmental Cow
Sale price£7.50
Schleich Grey and White Cat, SittingSchleich Grey and White Cat, Sitting
Schleich Horse Club Sofia & Blossom Saddle & BridleSchleich Horse Club Sofia & Blossom Saddle & Bridle
Schleich World of Nature Golden Retriever Puppy 16396
Schleich Female Golden Retriever Dog 16395

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Create a Whole Farm World With Schleich Toys

Schleich is a well-loved name at Farm Toys Online – and by our little farmers! These figures offer the 3 most important things in children’s toys: quality, durability, and fun.

We have a fantastic range of Schleich toys available for your little one that's sure to spark their imagination. From horses to pigs to cats and dogs, we have tons of animal models for your budding farmer.

All Schleich animal figures are created with lifelike detailing, from the painted features to the textured materials. Your kids will have a great time creating a whole farm world and coming up with imaginative farm stories that'll keep them entertained for hours.

Schleich Playsets & Accessories

As well as figures and figurines, we stock a series of Schleich playsets and accessories that’ll add extra play value to your farm set.

From barns and stables to food and care accessories, there are plenty of opportunities for imaginative play with these sets.

Shop Schleich horses, farm animals, buildings and more at Farm Toys Online today!


What are Schleich Toys Made Of?

Schleich toys are made from a variety of plastics, including PVC. This helps the figures to withstand hours of play, both indoors and outdoors, throughout your little one's entire childhood.

What's So Great About Schleich?

Schleich animal figures are hand-painted and designed by experts and artists to provide excellent detail. They’re perfect for encouraging imaginative play, as well as teaching children about the natural world and its inhabitants. Plus, they’re incredibly durable and will last your child through many years of creative playtime.

What Age Are Schleich Animals For?

The majority of Schleich animals are suitable for children aged 3 and older. Many of their figures and sets contain small parts, which can pose a choking hazard to young children, so it's important to supervise playtime where necessary.

Are Schleich Hand-Painted?

Yes, all Schleich animals are hand-painted, which gives them a unique, realistic look and feel.