Dinosaur Toys Online Julia Lowe

The owner of Farm Toys Online has launched a new specialist online platform, dedicated this time to dinosaur toys.

Business owner, Julia Lowe and her head of marketing Kelly-Anne both struck upon the idea of creating the specialist online outlet, when they spied a gap in the market for an online destination that focused solely on dinosaur toys.

Called Dinosaur Toys Online, the new online shop will offer a range of dinosaur toys and gifts for all young dinosaur enthusiasts.

“After researching the idea, we found there was a good opportunity for a business like ours to fulfil a meaningful niche in the dinosaur space,” said Lowe. “We pride ourselves on selling toys that combine imaginative play with education. Like farm toys, dinosaurs continue to fascinate young and old alike, and that makes them great educational toys.”

Sure to bring joy and wonder to dinosaur fans across the UK, you can visit the new shop here or contact rex@dinosaurtoysonline.co.uk for more information.

Toys News article, Published 8 August 2019. 

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