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If you’re shopping around for gift ideas this season, chances are there are children on your list who are obsessed with John Deere tractor toys.

Kids love John Deere toys because of their instantly recognisable green and yellow colours, and they're excited to play with toy versions of the impressive machines they see on farms and along country lanes.

In this blog post, we bring you the coolest John Deere toys for toddlers and older children, sure to make the budding farmer in your life very happy!

Top 5 John Deere Toys for Toddlers

In this section, we've got some fantastic John Deere toys for toddlers. These toys are brightly coloured and come with interactive features, perfect for the little ones.

We've made sure to offer a range with different prices, including everything from flashlights to ride-on tractors that are sure to bring big smiles and lots of joy.

TOMY Fun on the Farm Playset

Introducing 1st farming fun from TOMY, a great value 24-piece set that contains everything a young John Deere fan needs!

The set includes a tractor, combine, gator, 3 trailers, farm animals, and more. There's plenty to kick-start the imagination of any young farmer.

TOMY Remote Controlled Johnny Tractor

Tomy’s Remote Controlled Johnny Tractor is the perfect first radio control for toddlers! Made from soft-touch plastic with easy-to-use forwards, backwards and spin-around controls.

You'll be amazed by how quickly your little one gets the hang of it; before long, they'll be building ramps and assault courses to test their tractor-driving skills!

Mini John Deere Ride-On Tractor

This fantastic introductory John Deere ride-on tractor includes a squeaky horn and an opening bonnet!

 It also features a handy storage area for all those important little trinkets. It's a foot-to-floor ride-on tractor that's easily propelled by scooting along.

John Deere Mini Sandbox Tractor & Dump Truck

What’s a sandpit without a cool tractor and truck? The tractor features a working front loader to dig and scoop whilst the dump truck tipping action tips away the load.

We also spotted one being used for serving birthday party food over at Farmer’s Wife & Mummy blog - genius!

John Deere Johnny Tractor Flashlight

A tractor and torch in one that your little one will adore! It's designed with a smart feature that turns itself off after a while, saving batteries.

Our customers have shared glowing feedback about this product, mentioning how it's been used for everything from helping their children transition to new beds to adding extra fun to camping trips!

Top 5 John Deere Kids Toys

In this section, we highlight some of the best John Deere toys for older kids, including games, puzzles, and toy versions that are just like the real thing!

The key factors we advise customers to consider when selecting toys are age, abilities, skills, and interest level. 

This approach guarantees that the chosen toys are a good fit for each child's unique needs and preferences, helping to prevent any potential frustration.

Big Farm John Deere 6190R Remote Control Tractor

Forwards, backwards, left, and right – have fun on the farm, whether indoors or outdoors! The Big Farm John Deere Remote Control Tractor features chunky tyres, working lights, and realistic sounds.

We would recommend this for ages 4 and up. The only drawback with this option is that under the safety precautions, it does mention not to use rechargeable batteries. So, ensure you're well-stocked to prevent any potential frustration.

John Deere-Opoly

John Deere-Opoly is hands down the best board game ever! Test your luck and skills as you aim to become the Top Farmer with this collector's edition of John Deere-opoly. It's the perfect board game to enjoy during Christmas or on a family game night.

Recommended for ages 8 years and up. We only wish it used pounds sterling instead of dollars, but it's still a fantastic board game!

John Deere Combine Harvester T670I

Get ready to be amazed! This toy is unbelievably accurate in every detail, just like the real thing. It's equipped with numerous moving parts, including an opening cabin door, a detachable cutting unit, and plenty of accessible covers.

Measuring an impressive 60 x 47 x 23 cm, it delivers all the excitement of unwrapping a really big present too!

John Deere 12v Ground Force Electric Tractor

Kids love being in the driving seat. This electric ride on features 2 forward gears and a reverse. The 1st gear maintains a regular walking pace, while the 2nd gear offers a bit more speed. Fortunately, there's a lock to keep it from shifting into 2nd gear unless you intentionally enable it for your child.

This fantastic one-seater tractor and trailer is perfect for children aged 3 and up.

Britains John Deere Farm in a Box

A brilliantly designed gift set featuring the clever use of sustainable packaging with nothing wasted. It comes complete with a John Deere toy tractor, front loader, flat green trailer, two sets of cows and their calves, three round bales that fit the front loader, and four fence panels.

The only drawback is that the tractor isn't compatible with other Britains toys. We would recommend it for ages 3 and up.

Popular Toy Brands That Manufacture John Deere Kids Toys

You might have noticed that different brands are licensed to create John Deere toys. Tomy Johnny and Friends toys are ideal for preschoolers, while Bruder, Britains and Siku cater to kids aged four and above.

Rolly and Peg Perego specialise in ride-ons for children as young as 1 up to 8 years old!

No matter your child's age, there's a perfect John Deere toy for them. Read on to learn more about these brands!


TOMY is a well-known company that has been creating high-quality toys for kids all over the world. They make awesome toys that help little ones to have fun while learning crucial developmental skills.

Their ranges include Britains Big Farm, Britains Farm Toys, John Deere Monster Treads and Johnny Tractor.

Britains Farm Toys are highly detailed and quite collectable. We would say these are generally more suited to children aged four and over. Whereas Britains Big Farm, John Deere Monster Treads and Johnny Tractor are designed to be more playful and are better suited for younger children.

John Deere Forestry Harvester

The John Deere Forestry Harvester is the ideal John Deere vehicle for hours of forestry fun. The 6-wheels with all-terrain and rubberised track ensure the harvester has a smooth ride through any forest route.

The rotating cab and fully moveable timber grab is ideal for realistic loading of the supplied plastic tree trunks

Get it here

So, that was our review on some of the best John Deere toys for toddlers and kids. Hopefully, you can go ahead and pick the one that you think your child will enjoy playing with the most. 

But, if you’re still feeling a little unsure, worry not because we have put together another section to provide you with even more information. 

You may have noticed that there are a number of different brands that manufacture John Deere toys. Read on to learn more about these brands.


TOMY is a well-known company that has been creating high-quality toys for kids all over the world. 

They make awesome toys that help little ones to have fun while learning crucial developmental skills. Their ranges include Britains Big Farm, Britains Farm Toys, John Deere Monster Treads and Johnny Tractor.


Bruder are German manufacturers of high-quality toys, and they make large John Deere tractors and vehicles with lots of moving parts! The Profi-Series Collection has an age recommendation starting from 4 years.

Their large-scale toys appeal to children with their bright colours and incredible details. Equipped with realistic play functions, these toys can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. 

Our Bruder collection also boasts fantastic accessories, including cows, bales and posable farmer figures who can drive tractors and combine harvesters.

If your child loves to play energetically, we'd suggest opting for Bruder toys as they can endure a lot more wear and tear than Britains and Siku toys.

Rolly Toys

Rolly is a manufacturer of all styles of ride-on tractors, and what sets them apart is that they actually model their vehicles after real ones. This means all the styling is accurate, from engine blocks to the slant angle of the bonnet.

All their tractors are blow moulded for extra strength and durability, and their axles are 10-12mm thick, which is strong enough to bear the weight of the heaviest adult – but not advised!

We stock a range of Rolly Ride-Ons, starting from foot-to-floor options to pedal power, suitable for children aged one to eight years old!

There's also a fantastic variety of add-ons, from trailed implements like the Rolly Plough to amazing trailers that tip – all of which are great for keeping the kids entertained outdoors.


Siku has a huge selection of John Deere toy tractors which are accurately detailed, and made of diecast metal and plastic.

Designed for children as young as three to older collectors, Siku offers an excellent range of tractors. They have everything from pocket-sized John Deere mini tractors and trailers that are perfect for on-the-go play to superbly detailed 1:32 scale tractors.

Siku also offers an impressive range of remote-controlled tractors, but these can be quite pricey and have vulnerable parts. We would recommend that they are best suited for children aged 6 and older.

Discover the Best John Deere Tractor Toys for 4 Year Olds & Above at Farm Toys Online

So, that was our review of some of the best John Deere toys for toddlers and kids. Hopefully, you can go ahead and pick the one that you think your child will enjoy playing with the most.

But, if you’re still feeling a little unsure, worry not because we have put together another section to provide you with even more information.


What is the Best Tractor Toy for 4-Year-Olds?

It all comes down to play style and preferences. If they aren't too concerned about exact replicas and love lights and sounds, then John Deere Monster Treads are a fantastic choice. For active play styles, we recommend Bruder Toys, which can handle a lot of wear and tear. And for those four-year-olds who are into finer details, Britains and Siku toys are a great match!

What Age Are John Deere Ride-On Tractors Suitable?

We stock ride-ons from top-quality brands like Rolly, Peg Perego, and Berg, specialising in ride-ons for children as young as 1, all the way up to 8 years old!

What is the Best John Deere Toy Tractor for Older Kids?

The Siku John Deere 7290R remote-controlled tractor on duals features incredible details. It's perfect for satisfying older children's interest in tractors and tech! All functions, including the tractor's three gears, headlights on the bonnet, the floodlights on the cab, the rear indicators, and the flashing lights, are controlled through an app.

What Are the Different Sizes of Toy Tractors?

We stock many different tractor sizes. We usually call them scales – this means the toy matches the size of the real thing. For example, if it's 1:16 scale, it's one-sixteenth of the real tractor size. To learn more about scales, check out our handy guide.

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