Must-Have Garden Toys for Toddlers

Stepping outside with toddlers is an absolute joy – it's like opening a treasure chest of growth and giggles.

Outdoor play isn't just about fresh air; it's a sensory symphony for their little minds and bodies. Bring in some toys designed for outdoor adventures, and suddenly you're on a great adventure filled with laughter, imagination, and a whole lot of sunshine hugs.

You never believe it when they tell you how quickly they grow up, but they honestly do! Garden toys aren't just for play; they're about creating cherished moments with your toddler that will linger in your heart for years to come.

Our Bestselling Outdoor Toys for Sand Pit Digging

Is there anything more enjoyable than the pure delight of digging, dumping sand, and revelling in the messiness of it all?

The right toys can add a whole new level of excitement to any sandpit. The best ones are not only easy to clean but also easily transportable, making them perfect for beach days as well. 

Below is a selection of our tried and tested favourites that would make ideal gifts for any toddler.

#1 Big Scoop John Deere Excavator & Dump Truck

This durable John Deere playset can handle rocks, sand, and more. The truck effortlessly tips its load, while the excavator's front handle ensures easy digging for little ones. Perfect for messing around in the sandpit!

"We were all SO EXCITED to see our new excavator and digger truck. Absolutely fabulous product." - The wow factor! ~ Helen E.

#2 Green Toys Recycled Dump Truck

Your little one can haul a big load of sand while also helping save the planet. This durable, eco-friendly dump truck is both safe and stylish, with no metal axles and a workable dumper. Made from recycled milk bottles and guaranteed to produce hours of fun.

"My nephew loves his new dump truck. Really sturdy and well made and delivered in good time too. Fabulous service from Farm Toys Online, as always." ~ Kate R.

#3 The Big Dig Ride-On Working Crane

For more developed children, this is the ultimate sandpit toy – a sit-on working crane! The two-handed controls help kids learn manual dexterity and improve hand-eye coordination all while having fun.

Our Favourite Foot-to-Floor Outdoor Toys for 1 to 3-Year-Olds

Foot-to-floor toys make for the perfect first ride-on, allowing little ones to scoot around using the power of their legs. These outdoor toys offer an ideal blend of excitement and developmental benefits, promoting balance, coordination, and the sheer joy of independent mobility for your little one.

With so many to choose from, we've rounded up our tried and tested favourites for you.

#1 John Deere Johnny Tractor Ride On with Lights & Sounds

This happy tractor is a firm favourite for younger tots, featuring engaging activities. Use the included screwdriver for take-apart play, activate lights with blinker buttons, and enjoy farm tunes by honking the horn and turning the key. The driver's seat opens up, providing storage for the screwdriver and other important knick-knacks.

"My grandson loves it. It’s very sturdy and works both as a ride on and a push along. Its big bonus is that the sounds it makes are entertaining to a child but are not too irritating to adults." ~ Janice C.

#2 New Holland Rolly Minitrac Ride On Tractor

Perfect for little farmers! The New Holland Minitrac foot-to-floor ride-on is a joy, with a front lifting hood, sturdy steering wheel, and playful squeaky horn. 

It boasts an ergonomic design with a knee recess for added comfort and a hidden tray under the front hood for storing treasures. Also, it comes with a pin, ready to hitch a trailer available separately.

"A very good little tractor. Our 16 month old grandson absolutely loved it! Very impressed with the service I received. I was worried that I had left ordering too close to Christmas, but the tractor arrived very quickly. Fairly easy to put together." ~ Hilary M.

#3 Pink Mini Ride On Tractor

Our foot-to-floor tractors are also available in pink for those who prefer a brighter ride! They come with all the brilliant features you'd expect from Rolly Toys, including a front lifting hood and a sturdy steering wheel with a squeaky horn.

#4 JCB Ride On 360 Excavator

This impressive "sit-on" JCB Digger is sure to be a hit! It boasts four large wheels and a 360-degree turning circle. Equipped with a digger mechanism controlled by two hand-operated levers, it allows your little one to scoop up and deposit rock, mud, or sand with ease, ready to roll on to the next job.

Our Top Outdoor Electric Ride-On Toys for Boys & Girls

Electric ride-ons can bring tons of joy to your toddler's garden playtime, but it's important to consider various factors before choosing one, such as age appropriateness and safety features.

From fun tractors to cool trikes, we've handpicked some favourites to give you an idea of the exciting options available.

#1 Mini Ducati Electric Motorbike with Helmet

Ideal for little ones aged 12 months and above, the Peg Perego Mini Ducati Evo 6V Battery Operated Motorbike makes a perfect gift, supporting kids up to 15kg.

This impressive ride-on boasts a working front LED light, horn, and realistic motor sounds. It even comes with built-in songs and an MP3 input for added fun.

#2 Mini John Deere 6v Electric Tractor

The Kids John Deere 6v Mini Ride-on Tractor by Peg Perego offers fantastic value and fun for little farmers aged 1 to 3. Packed with features like working lights, horn, engine sounds, musical songs, and an electronic dash with a push-start button, it's perfect for any budding farmer!

#3 John Deere 12v Electric Gator

The 12V John Deere Gator HPX offers two-seater fun with friends for little ones aged 3 and up.

With a rechargeable battery, it navigates all surfaces, including rugged terrain and slopes up to 17%. Adjustable seats and two armrests are a bonus, and the load box can carry up to 10 kg!

Why It's Important for Kids to Play in the Fresh Air

Getting children of all ages outdoors is a game-changer for their development! Fresh air playtime isn't just fun; it's the perfect place to promote physical fitness, motor skills, and sensory exploration.

Time spent playing in nature is essential for cognitive, emotional, and social development. It encourages problem-solving, imaginative thinking, and collaborative interactions, providing a rich environment for your toddler to learn and grow.

Farm toys add that extra dose of excitement, inspiring imaginative play and a lifelong love for the great outdoors!

Rounding Up Our Favourite Outdoor Toys for Budding Farmers!

Playing outside isn't just fun; it's a total game-changer for your toddler's growth!

From brilliant sandpit toys to exciting foot-to-floor and electric ride-ons, you've come to the right place to find the toys that will make outdoor play even more enjoyable for your budding farmer.

So, don't hold back—head outside, make those amazing memories, nurture your little one's superpowers, and sow the seeds for a lifelong love of the great outdoors!


What is Your Bestselling Kids Garden Toy?

One of our bestselling garden toys is  a Potion Making Kit, a brilliant set containing various natural colourings and herbs. It encourages children to make potions outdoors, which, as you might expect, is quite a messy business!

What Materials Are Your Kid's Garden Toys Made Of?

I prefer durable plastic or metal toys—essentially high-quality materials that can withstand the rigours of outdoor play and are easy to clean.

How Do I Clean and Maintain These Garden Toys?

I find the best way to tackle this is to make up a solution of dish soap with warm water, get a pair of rubber gloves and give everything a good wipe down.

Are These Outdoor Toys Suitable for All Weather Conditions?

Yes, all of the toys are suitable for outdoors. In fact, the Rolly Ride-On Toys are made with UV-protected plastic, ensuring the vibrant colours won't fade even after hours of outdoor playtime.

Can These Toys Be Used Indoors As Well As Outdoors?

We wouldn't recommend using the electric ride-ons indoors, but the rest could absolutely be played with indoors, providing you have the space!

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