Schleich Farm Animals

Children love animals, making Schleich toys incredibly popular. Schleich animal figures are perfect gifts for kids of all ages, whether for imaginative play or collecting.

These figures offer children a way to explore their imagination, providing hours of role-play fun. Younger children can feel the textures, improve their hand-eye coordination, and have fun mimicking animal sounds like 'baa', 'moo', and 'quack'!

For more inquisitive kids, learning about different animal breeds and how to care for them becomes part of the fun. They'll also enjoy amassing a big collection from the hundreds of available animal figures.

Schleich truly brings the farm to life with their excellent 1:24 scale figures—think finely detailed animals, barns, tractors, and even kennels.

Who Are Schleich?

Schleich is a global leader in animal figurines. Children in over 50 countries adore their toy animal figures, accessories and playsets.

Since releasing their first toy in 1946, Schleich has built an excellent reputation for blending education with highly detailed figures, carefully painted to achieve a realistic touch.

Schleich toys go beyond playtime fun too. Occasionally, they release special golden animals, which are a big hit among collectors - like the Limited Edition Golden Donkey produced for Christmas 2019.

Reasons Why We Love Schleich Farm Animals

We love that the Schleich Farm World collection truly promotes development.

Let's consider the idea of learning about a Highland Cow. Which is more enjoyable: reading about it in a book, listening to someone talk about it, or actually playing with a Highland Cow? Fun and learning in one!

We also love the timeless quality and the idea that these toys are the kind our children will pass down to their own kids.

Attention to Detail

Schleich is known for their incredible attention to detail, crafting figurines that capture the characteristics of every farm animal they make. 

From fur texture to facial expressions, each figure is meticulously modelled and hand-painted, bringing the figure to life for play or collection.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Every toy mould undergoes precise engineering by a German master craftsman, dedicating up to six weeks to perfecting the finest details. 

After moulding and finishing, each figurine is hand-painted. Only when perfect do they proudly wear the iconic red Schleich flag around their leg.

The sow pig is a great example - just look at the pose with the chin slightly raised and the texture of that bristly fur. She looks so real, she might start oinking!

Endless Variety

Our Schleich Farm World aisle is brimming with a wide variety of animals.

You'll find common farm animals like cows, horses, sheepdogs, cats, and even a rabbit, as well as rarer breeds like the Galloway Cow and Blacknose Sheep.

Of all the brands we carry, Schleich boasts the most extensive collection of farm animal figures, and we proudly stock every single one.

Reasons Why Our Kids Love Schleich Farm Animals

Children love Schleich animals for their satisfying weight and brilliant 1:24 scale design, making them easy to handle and stand independently. 

There's nothing more frustrating for a child than a farm animal figure that can't stand on its own.

Create Your Own Farm World

With such an extensive range, you can easily find all the items your child needs to build their own unique farm world.

Every item within the range is designed to be compatible, allowing you to steadily grow your Schleich collection, knowing that each piece will work together.

In our Farm World collection, you'll discover a delightful array of animals such as cows, sheep, lambs, goats, and pigs. 

Additionally, we offer well-equipped farm buildings, tractors, trailers, hay conveyor belts, and even mobile vet kits.

Sets & Accessories Galore

We stock an incredible range of popular Schleich Playsets, ranging from a Mobile Vet's Kit to a Puppy Pen and even a Rabbit & Guinea Pig Hutch.

Each playset is thoughtfully bundled with accessories, ensuring that little ones stay entertained while caring for their animal figures for hours.

They are crafted from durable, strong plastic. As a mother of two enthusiastic Schleich fans, I can confirm that investing in Schleich is truly worthwhile.

Unleash Their Imagination

Schleich toys serve as a gateway to a world of pure imagination for children. The finely detailed and realistic figurines invite children to craft their own stories and scenarios.

The possibilities are truly endless, whether it's a bustling farm complete with buildings and tractors, a lively stable, or a rescue mission with the mobile vet's kit.

With Schleich toys, children unleash their creativity, acting out scenes and immersing themselves in a world of make-believe, where they play the role of directors in their own unique stories.

Our Bestselling & Most Popular Schleich Toys

Here's a look at our top three best-selling items, all of which have received fantastic customer feedback, to give you a flavour for this wonderful category.

These are sure to delight animal enthusiasts aged 3 to 8 years old.

Schleich Farm World Advent Calendar

Get into the festive spirit with our top-selling Schleich Farm World Advent Calendar! Open 24 doors to find delightful Schleich surprises every day, adding magic to your little ones' Christmas countdown.

Inside the Advent calendar, discover a variety of animals and accessories from the Schleich Farm World range, promising hours of playful enjoyment.

Schleich Feeding The Farm Animals

It's clear that little ones adore caring for their animals, as we've sold hundreds of these feeding sets!

A fantastic addition to your farm animal collection, it offers a wide variety of feeds—from turnips, potatoes, and cabbage to sacks of pellets!

Schleich Puppy Pen

Children adore cute puppies, which is why the Schleich Puppy Pen is on every child's wishlist!

The set includes accessories that add to the fun: a dog house, a small bowl, a dog bed, a dog blanket, a teddy bear toy, and a fence. 

Due to its small size, this set is ideal for children age 4 and above.

Shop Schleich Animals & Sets at Farm Toys Online

Schleich farm animals aren't just toys; they are tools for stimulating imagination and creating an educational play experience full of adventure.

With meticulous attention to detail and an array of beautifully crafted figures and accessories, Schleich invites children to embark on limitless creative adventures. 

From bustling farms to vibrant stables, these toys spark stories and immersive play.

We're thrilled to offer our customers such a comprehensive range of top-quality, timeless Schleich toys that will endure generations of playtimes.

And to address one of the most frequently asked questions: it's pronounced 'Sh-like'! A fun note to wrap up our Schleich farm animal adventure.


What is the Difference Between Schleich and Mojo Toys?

Both Schleich and Mojo use PVC and hand-paint their figures. Mojo is stepping up their game with newer releases, featuring incredible detail, which is increasingly appealing to collectors. However, they still lack the breadth of the Schleich range.

Are Schleich Animals Hand Painted?

Yes, every single animal figurine is hand painted with an airbrush, paint brushes or sponges.

What Age are Schleich Animals for?

Our Schleich range is generally suitable for children aged 3-8, but we recommend checking the specific age recommendations on each product page for accuracy.

Can You Collect Schleich Toys?

Yes, Schleich animals are very collectable! Each animal figure is highly detailed and hand-painted. People of all ages, from kids to adults, love collecting Schleich animals.

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