Best Farmyard Playsets

Encourage budding farmers to dream big with our collection of much-loved play farms.

This selection of our favourite playsets is a game-changer! We've removed the hassle of figuring out which items work well together, so you can gift worry-free, knowing it's all been carefully considered.

Whether it's traditional wooden playsets for the little ones or sets with detailed replicas to recreate fantastic farm scenes, you're sure to find the perfect playset for gifting or simply as a special treat from our unbeatable range of farm toys!

Our Top Farmyard Playsets Picks for Birthdays

Planning a birthday buy? Deliberating on play styles and picking what's just right for their age? Don't worry we are here to help.

Some of the best toys for children are those that fuel open-ended play, allowing their creativity to guide the games and adventures. Our farmyard playsets offer just that.

Check out our top picks, beginning with playsets made for the littlest budding farmers and working our way up for older ones.

Fun On The Farm Playset

This 20-piece set is a fantastic way to kickstart your little one's farm collection!

It includes a John Deere combine harvester, a tractor with a tipping trailer, a digger with a front loader, a 6-wheeled multi-purpose vehicle with a tilting dump box, and a couple of extra trailers along with interlocking fences. 

The set also features a selection of farm animals and small figurines, perfect for setting up a mini farm scenes for imaginative play.

These toys are the kind that they'll keep returning to, promoting independent play and giving you enough time to take care of a few jobs around the house. Suitable for ages 18 months and above.

Wooden Oldfield with Tractor, Animals & People

This charming traditional farm playset would make a fabulous birthday gift for any preschooler.

It includes a barn with a loft and ladder, an animal shed, a farmhouse, a pigsty, fences, and a wooden play base. The roof panels easily attach with magnets, letting children create their own farm scenes effortlessly.

The set is completed with a wooden red tractor, a trailer, hay bales, wooden animals, and farm figures.

Britains John Deere Farm in a Box

If you're looking for a fantastic gift without breaking the bank, then this Britains Farm In A Box playset is ideal.

Perfect for children aged three plus—the box transforms into a farm house set for building and playing, with no need to throw anything away! 

The John Deere tractor is made of metal, and the animals are realistic-looking and sturdy.

Bruder Cow & Calf Barn with Farmer

Another great value playset, suitable for ages 4 and up.

It features a cowshed with a feeding trough and massage brushes, along with a calf hut with a drinking bucket. The set also includes a farmer figure and lots of accessories, all ready to take good care of both animals.

For the ultimate birthday present, combine it with a Bruder tractor — one the farmer figure can drive!

Julia's Picks: Best Farmyard Playsets for Christmas

Julia, the founder of Farm Toys Online and an all-around expert on all things farm toys, has curated this fantastic list of the best farmyard playsets for Christmas!

We'll start with options suitable for the youngest budding farmers and progress towards sets aimed at older ones. 

From sets featuring favourite farm animals like chickens and pigs to barns with ladders and pulley systems, we have something that the little farmer in your life will love.

Papo The Big Farm Barn with Animals

This lovely playset from Papo includes a sturdy, old-fashioned wooden barn to house all your farm animals, including a pig, chickens, and horses.

The red roof opens to allow access to the upper floor roof space of the barn. It even has a working pulley system with a platform.

All designed to a 1:24 scale, it can be combined with other toy farm animals from our Schleich and Mojo collections too. This really is a beautiful barn! The kind of gift you buy a child knowing they'll pass it on to their own children one day.

Schleich Large Farm House with Animals & Accessories

Sure to make you a Christmas gifting superstar! Schleich has taken care of every single detail with their Large Farm House with Animals & Accessories.

This large farm house features a barn with a detachable roof and opening windows for easy play access. There's a working winch to transport hay and feed to the barn loft. 

Inside the farmhouse, you'll find a kitchen, dining area, bedroom, and various furniture and accessories. The set also includes animals, fencing and feed.

It's important to note that there are small items included with the farm, such as a cup and plate, carrots for the animals, and the tap for the sink. 

Make sure to supervise little ones while playing or keep these small pieces out of reach if your child tends to put things in their mouth.

Britains Farm Building Set with Case Tractor

As part of the Britains Everyday Play value range, this set comes with everything needed to kickstart a farming adventure!

The Britains Farm Building Set includes a Case tractor, 2 troughs, 10 bales, 4 Fresian cows, 4 hens, and a sheepdog. The Case tractor is equipped with rolling wheels, a front weight, and a rear towbar hitch. 

All designed to a 1:32 scale, this set is the perfect introduction to our Britains farm toy collection for children aged three and above.

Starter Wooden Farm Set with Tractor, Cows & Accessories

Put together by Julia herself, this incredible 1:32 scale Starter Wooden Farm Set includes everything needed to launch a carpet farm enterprise.

Besides the detailed wooden farm shed, Julia has included a John Deere tractor, a Fodder Mixing Wagon with feed, 12 cow figures, and a set of square bales. Not only is it a stress-free purchase, but you also benefit from a bundled price!

Best suited for aspiring farmers aged four and over.

Britains Metallic Olive Green Valtra Farm Playset

This 1:32 scale farm playset would make a fantastic Christmas present for any Britains Farm Toy fan!

It features a Valtra tractor in a stunning metallic olive green colour with a driver, two cattle, a calf, a bale lifter, two bales, a feeding fence, and a farm dog, providing a wide range of farm play possibilities. As you'd expect from Britains, the tractor is made from high-quality diecast metal.

Shop All the Best Farmyard Toy Presents at Farm Toys Online

That concludes our round-up of our favourite farmyard playsets—perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or simply an extra special treat!

We trust you've enjoyed discovering some of our thoughtfully curated playsets. For more options, explore our unbeatable range of farm toys suitable for all ages and play styles, featuring top brands like Britains, Siku, Bruder, and Schleich. 

From energetic little ones to avid collectors, we've got you covered.

And if you need any help choosing the perfect farm playset, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team.


What Makes a Good Gift for 2-Year-Olds?

Our range of farm toys includes plenty of options to suit every two-year-old's personality. Whether they adore cuddly soft toys , games games or enjoy smart interactive toys, you are sure to find something they'll love at Farm Toys Online.

What Gift Should I Buy for My Child Who Likes Farm Animals?

When choosing a gift for a child who likes farm animals, consider age and preferences. We offer soft toy animals and wooden farm animals for younger children. For older kids, detailed collectables from brands like Schleich, Papo, and Mojo are ideal.

Do You Offer Farm Toy Bundles?

Absolutely! We offer lots of farm toy bundles featuring products from top brands like Britains and Schleich, as well as exclusive bundles curated by us.

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