Horse Club Sofia's Fashion Creation

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  • Age Range: 3+
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Sofia has a truly unique talent: making wonderful horse accessories! With lots of love, creativity and patience, she transforms practical horse accessories such as halters and blankets into one-of-a-kind designer items. She likes making things for Andalusians best of all! Her creations are so popular that they are displayed and sold in the Hazelwood cafe.

- Set includes 1x Andalusian stallion, 1x horse blanket, 2x horseshoe hook-and-loop fastener piece, 2x heart hook-and-loop fastener piece, 1x pair of scissors
- Hook-and-loop fastener pieces stick only to horse blanket
- Many little pieces can be held in the hands of the figures (available separately)
- Part of the Schleich HORSE CLUB collection
- Made from plastic and hand painted
- Approx size 7.48 x 2.05 x 6.81 inch (W x D x H)

Because our horses and stables come in all shapes and sizes, we've put together this handy little scale guide to help you choose the perfect one. Still unsure about which one to choose? Don't be shy! Get in touch – we're always happy to help.

Schleich products are approximately 1:24 scale although some items are larger to prevent children swallowing them.

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