Bruder Pick Up Truck

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  • Age Range: 3+
  • Scale: 1:16


The Ram 2500 power wagon is a heavy-duty pick-up truck by Ram Trucks. Its durability and off-road capabilities are legendary. Just like the real thing, the toy features a crew cab with four doors.

All doors open to accommodate four Profi-Serie figures (available separately). It also features suspension on both axles to provide ride comfort and off-road capability. The front axle can be steered using the included steering wheel extension.

The tailgate opens to transport loads and the loading area provides space for Bruder pallets, pallet cages or straw bales (accessories 02415/02342, available separately). The ram can also be used to pull the horse box (available separately).

So horses can be taken almost anywhere, be it to the paddock or to a ride out with friends.

- Made of plastic
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
- Approx size 39 x 12 x 13 cm
- 1:16 scale model
- Bruder 02500

Because our tractors and machinery come in all shapes and sizes, we've put together this handy little scale guide to help you choose the perfect one. Still unsure about which one to choose? Don't be shy! Get in touch – we're always happy to help.

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