Schleich Horse Club 2 Pack Blind Bag Assortment

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  • Item: 16833
  • Age Range: 3+
  • Scale: 1:24


Build your collection with a mystery 2-pack of schleich Horse Club horse figurines!. Is that an Knapstrupper foal peeking out of your surprise pack? Will the Paint Horse mare show up? Each surprise bag includes two random horse toy figurines from the schleich Horse Club collection—round up all 9!

There are several styles available within this assortment and unfortunately it is not possible to request which one you would prefer.

Designed to be as realistic and naturalistic as possible, the detailed and carefully molded Schleich figures encourage creative and imaginative play. 

- The set includes 2 horses
- 9 horses to collect
- Made from plastic and lovingly hand-painted
- Schleich Horse Club 2 Pack Blind Bag Assortment 87957

Schleich products are approximately 1:24 scale although some items are larger to prevent children swallowing them.

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