Schleich Horse Club Horse Box with Mare & Foal

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  • Age Range: 3+
  • Scale: 1:24


No wonder the Appaloosa mare and her foal feel so comfortable in the horse box. Their feed is in the hayrack and soft horse blankets are also ready to be put under the saddle. Make sure to note that the horse blankets match and made of real fabric. While mare and foal drink a little water from the trough, the cat keeps them company. She has made herself cozy on the bale of straw. But she’s not interested in the carrot, which the horse is allowed to nibble on. Maybe they’ll both go out to the paddock to have some fun together.

There’s everything in the horse box that the Appaloosa mare and her foal could need! The modular design makes it easy to combine the horse box with other sets from the Schleich Horse Club world.

- Made from strong plastic
- Part of the Schleich Horse Club collection

1x Appaloosa mare, 1x Appaloosa foal, 1x cat, 1x horse stall, 1x horse watering trough, 1x horse trough, 1x paddock with fence, 1x straw ballers, 1x carrot, 2x horse blanket & 1x saddle holder

Schleich 42611

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